Court Docs Suggest Andre Montgomery Sent Ms. Robbie Warning Text Days Before Tim Norman Took His Life, According To Sources

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s matriarch Robbie Montgomery continues to defend her son in light of terrible accusations that he had his nephew taken out by a rag-tag team of St. Louis locals. The sad story continues to get more and more convoluted as details emerge throughout the case and trial. Let’s take a look at how his mother has been keeping busy and what new evidence has emerged that could work against her son Tim Norman.

While her son stands trial for the passing of her grandson, Robbie Montgomery is hard at work on accomplishing another career goal. The former Ikette has a long history of success in the music industry.

After decades of traveling the world and performing for thousands, she settled back home in St. Louis and built her restaurant empire with her family. Now at the age of 81, Miss Robbie is doubling back on her first love of music and looking to check off some major milestones in the process.

Robbie recently released a new single titled “Thinking About Cheating.” The song is a bid by the legendary vocalist to score a Grammy award. She wants to be the oldest person to win one.

Robbie describes her new single as a “cross-over of southern soul.” It was produced by Omar Cunningham, an Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter, and Producer who wrote Ms. Robbie’s single. The record centers around cheating and how a mystery man in Robbie’s life has her reconsidering her current relationship. The song follows her last single and video for “Ain’t My Stuff Good Enough.”

Robbie’s Grammy ambitions are overlapping some serious family drama. The 81-year-old is still dealing with Andre Montgomery Jr’s passing and the arrest of her son Tim Norman. While she’s not come to terms with her son’s involvement, one thing she is not playing with is people putting her name into the mix.

Robbie recently sued Youtube bloggers who accused her of having a hand in her grandson’s mysterious end. Youtuber Phyllis Flint and Shanice Coty took to their channels to accuse Robbie of being a part of the elaborate plot. They also accused her of having a shady past as an adult worker while on the road with Ike and Tina Turner.

According to the suit, Robbie claims the Youtubers “asserted that she had a promiscuous and adulterous life in her heyday as a backup Ikette dancer.” The duo also accused Montgomery of ‘crimes related to her grandson’s passing.

The four people arrested were Robbie’s son Tim Norman, dancer Terica Ellis, record producer and insurance agent Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, and the gunman Travel Hill. Everyone but Norman has admitted to their part in the scheme, which was an elaborate attempt by Norman to collect on a life insurance policy he illegally took out on his nephew.

Robbie says that despite what her son is accused of, the world has to remember that he has not been found guilty yet. “Everyone has to realize he (Tim Norman) hasn’t been found guilty.

That’s what he’s accused of, so we don’t know what happened. I’m still his mom, and he’s got support, and I’m praying my child gets out of this because, like I say, he hasn’t been found guilty, but the world beat him up. This could happen to you. It happened to me. It could happen to anybody’s family.”

Even though Robbie is not accused of anything, there are rumors that her grandson Andre reached out to her in the days before his passing to say that Tim Norman was after him.

According to court docs obtained by Chronicle Speaks, Andre’s phone was recovered and included a text message to Ms. Robbie days before his passing that Tim was after him and that he wasn’t running from [their] situation. However, he didn’t want to get hurt, and he knew what Tim was capable of doing.

Andre didn’t want to have anything to do with what Tim had going on.” Tim’s trial is expected to begin in September. If this information is true, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more surrounding the messages recovered.

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