CU students are getting new trains

As soon as Chittagong University (CU) opens, new Demu train will run on CU-Chittagong route. In addition to the new train, the previous two Demu trains will also run on time. The new train will run on the university route six days a week except Friday.

Bangladesh Railways Chief Operating Superintendent (East) AM Salauddin confirmed the matter on Wednesday (February 3rd) night. He said if the university opens, a new Demu train will run on the Chittagong-CU route. The train will leave Chittagong every day at 4:45 pm for the university campus. Will arrive there at 5:45 pm.

On the other hand, the CU will leave the campus for Chittagong at 6 pm and arrive at 6 pm. However, the train will not run on Friday. It is learned that in July 2019, Railway Minister Nurul Islam Sujan took a shuttle train to the campus. Afterwards, the Railway Minister exchanged views with the University Administration and the higher authorities of the Railways in the conference room of the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

At the time, the minister criticized the poor condition of the railway line on the CU route and directed for reforms as soon as possible. Later, last year, various reforms were done including railway line repair, platform construction, sleeper change.

According to railway sources, the distance from CU station to Battali railway station in Chittagong is 22 km. Once the renovation work of the railway line is completed, the train will run on this route at a speed of 60 km per hour. Which used to run at 15-20 km per hour.

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