Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Celebrates Two Years Of Marriage Today, But Many Signs Are Pointing Towards Divorce

Another beloved couple may be heading to splitsville, according to some online sleuths. Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill are supposed to be celebrating their anniversary today, but neither star has posted about each other. More puzzling, Cynthia seems to have dropped her married last name. Do we have yet another couple to add to October’s growing list of broken unions?

Already this month, we’ve seen several beloved couples file for divorce. Sister, Sister star Tia Mowry called it quits from her husband, All American: Homecoming star Cory Hardrict after 14 years of marriage. They shared their divorce day with singer Miguel and model/actress Nazanin Mandi who separated after three years of marriage but 18 years together. Tom Brady and Gisele are rumored to also be heading for a split, and Netflix’s Love is Blind couple Iyanna and Jarrette also announced their divorce.

Cynthia Bailey has taken us on quite the journey as she looked for love over the year. She thought she found it thanks to her friend Steve Harvey. He hosted a dating show episode for Cynthia where she met Mike Hill in a speed dating round. According to Bailey, Mike was not her initial choice, but she gave him a shot at the persistence of Harvey. Harvey was right, and Cynthia and Mike hit it off and fell in love very quickly.

Mike quickly joined Cynthia’s world and brought with him his own share of drama. Early on in their union, a woman came forward claiming that she had exchanged pictures with Hill on Snapchat. TMZ caught up with Mike and Cynthia while arriving at LAX last year, and the pair seemed to be on the same page that these rumors were false. Mike also dismissed these claims online, letting people know that the unidentified woman was lying and any photographs she claimed to have were not of him.

By the end of 2021, Cynthia realized she wanted to focus more on her marriage than television drama and removed herself from the show that made her a star. “I just want to be able to focus [and] have a little more time on my marriage,” Cynthia said in an interview last October. “Getting married is part one, staying married is part two. You actually have to be with your husband sometimes!”

Unfortunately, the couple brought in their anniversary with a fight. Mike Hill opened up about it on his podcast, admitting that he and Cynthia fought for much of their anniversary and did not get to enjoy it. Mike alluded to so much fighting during their anniversary trip he wondered if they’d survive into their second year. While this shocked fans, he later defended his honesty by saying that he and Cynthia value transparency, and it is what makes them such a great pair.

Well, it looks like he might have been right about his year two doubts. Both couples have been silent today on what would have been their second-year anniversary. Mike appears in his IG story ringless, while Cynthia has quietly removed the Hill from her last name.

Her last post of Mike was a happy birthday post from August. He posted her around the same time, and their pair exchanged well wishes that seemed to allude to them going in different directions. “Through it all, you continue to stand tall. You’re appreciated,” he said in his caption. Cynthia repsonded, “i always want to see you shine. see you win. no matter what i will always be your biggest cheerleader & hype man. stay the course!!!”

Have the couple quietly called it quits?

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