Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill Have Officially Filed For Divorce After Nearly Two Years Of Marriage, According To Sources

Another couple has called it quits this month. Following divorce announcements from Tia Morwy and R&B singer Miguel, reality star Cynthia Bailey has announced her split from sports broadcaster Mike Hill. Fans of the pair had been speculating for a while that the two may have called it quits following a large gap in posts of one another. Well, now things have been officially confirmed by the duo.

Cynthia Bailey had her name hyphenated for a while on her social media, so when the “Hill” quietly disappeared, people began to suspect something was up. Outside from a pretty misleading birthday post from August where she “wished Mike the best” and said she was sad she could not join him that evening, Bailey has instead been busy plugging everything else and keeping her marriage off the radar. This includes a post yesterday of her promoting BET’s “The Oval.” The post was concerning because yesterday would have been the couple’s second wedding anniversary, but instead, she was plugging a show. One fan commented, “Why you ain’t post Mike for y’all anniversary??? What’s tea ?👀.” Another asked, “How are you and Mike doing?” while one was more blunt, saying, “Sis, you know why we here, and it ain’t for the oval 😂😂.” Other fans avoided the signs and noted, “She still got the ring on YES 🙌🏾” and congratulated her, saying, “Happy Anniversary 10/10/20.”

Meanwhile, Mike has been posing it up alone on his page, alluding to coming out of a difficult “season” in a post from six days ago. “It’s been a challenging season but it’s also been one of learning and growth. I appreciate it all. It only makes you stronger and better. Thanks to all who continue to pray over me!!” Cynthia showed her support in the comments with a flexing arm emoji.

Some outlets reported that he was seen on his story hanging out with different women and not sporting his ring. The Shade Room reposted a clip which shows Mike yelling “ah yeahhhh” as a woman hung from his torso upside down at a game night. Fans noted how much fun he appeared to be having and pointed out how they’ve always felt about him. “I never trusted this man from the jump. He just reeked of sneakiness & trying to front like he was a good guy.” Someone else pointed out how they did not want another “Tuesday divorce day” and asked Nick Cannon to “announce another baby as a distraction.”

While he has not posted Cynthia on his page in a while, he did share an “appreciation” post of her from a few weeks ago. In it, he thanked her for all the love she brings to his life but never mentioned the words “wife” or “partner.” “I wish everyone could find this kind of sunshine on their cloudy days!! Through it all, you continue to stand tall. You’re appreciated.”

Well, with all the evidence to prove they were on their way out, it appears Mike and Cynthia decided to finally confirm today what everybody already knew. Sources close to the pair spoke with The Jasmine Brand and confirmed that the duo has been separated for months now and had already quietly filed for divorce. Things are said to be amicable between the two, which is also evident by their continued support of each other online.

The source said, “They really do love each other, and it wasn’t anything scandalous or anyone at fault. It just didn’t work out”. According to Cynthia, in past interviews, she and Mike were incredibly alike, and she even called him the “male version” of her. Could it be they were too similar? Cynthia also confirmed in past interviews that the two live separate, and she had given him keys to her property in Atlanta while she had a set of keys to his home in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles. In the same interview, she stressed she would just remain single if she and Mike did not work out.

Fans are sad for the couple, but some are excited because they feel this means she will return to Real Housewives. Cynthia famously left to pour into her marriage, but with it now over, she can come back to television. One person commented under a post about the divorce, saying, “Cynthia ‘it went down HILL’ Bailey strikes again.”

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