Former RHOA Cynthia Bailey & Mike Hill Have Filed For Divorce, But Will She Ever Marry Again?

Fans of Cynthia Bailey are still trying to figure out if the reality star has called it quits from her husband, Mike Hill. The pair have been very quiet online in regards to their union after their anniversary came and went this week without a post from either one of them. As people try to unpack what this might mean for the duo, some have pulled up past interviews where she admits that following Mike Hill, she may just give relationships a break entirely. 

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill connected on The Steve Harvey show after Steve held a dating special for her. While she did not initially see it for Mike, Cynthia would eventually come around to him and the pair would wed right before the pandemic. Love was tough, and Cynthia eventually stepped away from her Real Housewives duties to dedicate herself full-time to being a wife and pouring into her marriage. 

Cynthia spoke to Bravo in 2019 about her then-boyfriend Mike Hill. At the time, she compared him to her former lover Peter Thomas and Leon Robinson, saying, “he’s the real deal. If you like me, you’ll love Mike. He’s the male version of me. If I was a guy, I’d be Mike!” Cynthia gushed about how lucky she was to meet him and how much she was enjoying her time getting to know him. Cynthia admits that she never imagined wanting to get married again but felt like she had really found her match in him. 

“If I can’t make it with Mike Hill, then I’m just meant to be single for the rest of my life because he just gives me a comfortability I just can’t explain,” Cynthia Bailey said in the interview. She goes on to say that while she was compatible with Peter and Leon, neither one of them really suited her in the way Mike Hill does. Cynthia gushes about how they exchanged keys to their homes and how comfortable she is around Mike Hill.

Fast forward to earlier this year, and the couple admitted that they brought in their first wedding anniversary with some tension. Mike said he had doubts they would make it through year two, and Cynthia echoed his sentiments. Now fans are wondering if they did actually split. 

Cynthia’s last post of Mike was for his birthday back in August. In it, she did not mention the word “husband” or use any terms of affection towards him. Instead, she stressed how she could not wait to cheer him on and how she was sad she could not be with him that evening. Mike’s response was equally as dry, saying, “Thank you!! Always appreciate you, and I love you always!!” 

Over on his page, Mike shared a misleading post celebrating Cynthia and expressing his appreciation for her. “I wish everyone could find this kind of sunshine on their cloudy days!! Through it all, you continue to stand tall. You’re appreciated, @cynthiabailey.” Cynthia responded, “no matter what, i will always be your biggest cheerleader & hype man.”

Today, the couple has finally announced they’ve filed for divorce. According to Cynthia and Mike no one is to blame for the marriage ending. In a shared Instagram post, both individuals claim they’ll always have love for one another, but have decided to go their separate ways. In the joint statement, ‘CHill’ took a moment to thank family, friends, and beloved fans for their positive support throughout their journey and as they move forward and start new chapters.

Immediately following the news of the divorce, fans began calling on Cynthia to return to the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Franchise. If you recall, Cynthia Bailey left the franchise in hopes to protect her marriage at all cost. Now that the marriage is over, fans are hoping she will return. Regardless of whether the reality star decides to return her calendar is pretty full these days. Cynthia Bailey is gearing up to play ‘Doris Rowell’ in a film called, Blossom which is currently in post production. The reality star has also been promoting BET’s ‘The Oval’ on her social media accounts. The new season of ‘The Oval’ premiered yesterday on BET.

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