Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her Secret To A Successful Marriage With Mike Hill

Reality Show Vet Cynthia Bailey just celebrated her first wedding anniversary with Mike Hill. The Real Housewives star is a year into her new marriage with Hill and opening up about how they protect their new union. Bailey recently did The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip and, in an interview about the special, discussed how Kyle Richards (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) gave her some powerful relationship advice that helped her and Mike going into year two of holy matrimony.

Mike Hill is a sportscaster and television personality. He and Cynthia met a while back and dated for four years before tying the knot. They initially met on a dating segment of the Steve Harvey Show. Bailey did not want to match with Hill at first but did so at the advice of Steve. Eventually, she fell hard and fast for him. At the time, Bailey was against marriage following her last divorce, but finally, she came around to it, stating that Hill changed her mind.

Around that time she told Essence Magazine, “He just feels good, and he makes me happy, and I feel good when I’m with him, and he’s just his own person – he’s a whole person, I’m a whole person and, when we’re together, it’s great.” Fans got to follow their love story on Real Housewives of Atlanta, which culminated in a lavish wedding in 2020. While the pair put on a happy front, there have been rumors and speculations of issues between them.

Hill has been followed by cheating accusations for some time now. In November, a woman told TMZ that she had been exchanging pictures with Hill on Snapchat. The gossip giant caught up with the couple who dismissed these rumors while walking through LAX. “We’ll take care of it the way it’s supposed to be taken care of,” Mike said of the accusations. The accuser eventually deleted their social media, and there have been no further allegations.

Hill and Bailey value transparency, and last month as they celebrated their wedding anniversary, Mike confessed that it has not been easy citing communication issues as one of the key issues. Hill says he and Cynthia had worked through it together. While talking with the same Podcast, Bailey opened up about some of her own issues, admitting that it was not till her participation in The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip that she realized she had a hard time letting things go. Discussing her time on the series Atlanta installment, she said she would often be mad at her co-stars for days and weeks. It was not until she met cast members from other cities that she realized the other women were much more forgiving. She says that had she learned this skill sooner, she would have had much more fun on the trip. Cynthia then shoutouts out Kyle Richards for teaching her to let go a little. The pair had a little tiff, and Bailey tried to hold a grudge. She says Richard’s continued to apologize, and by the third time, Bailey realized she was being unreasonable and let it go.

Bailey also sites Richards for giving her another golden piece of advance. According to Cynthia Bailey, Richards advised her that she and Mike should only hang out with other married couples. Bailey said that this simple piece of advice really changed things for her and Mike in a positive way. By only hanging with other married pairs, it creates more commonality between everyone. You can bounce scenarios off each other and learn from one another as you watch the other couples interact. She jokes that a lot of times, they leave couples gatherings feeling like “we’re not the craziest ones.”

Bailey then says that hanging with single friends could breed issues. Single people are looking to date and attract other people, so if you are in those spaces with them, you could be in the crossfires of some unwarranted attention. She admits that if you are not secure in your marriage or there are issues, this could potentially be a problem.

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