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Mike Hill Believes His Daughters Are Paying For His Karma In Their Own Relationships

When Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey announced their divorce yesterday, some fans speculated that maybe he was cheating after a video of a woman using him as a human stripper pole hit the internet a day before. While sources claim the duo has been separated for months prior to the video, Mike Hill has also been honest about his cheating past before and even talked about how he feels his daughters have had to pay for how poorly he treated their mothers. Did this carry over into his union with Cynthia?

During an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, while they were still together, Mike Hill proclaimed that he had found Cynthia at the right time. He elaborated, saying that a year or two years prior, he was a different person. Mike says that it was not until he began writing his book that he began to realize how his past had impacted how he was treating women in the present. Mike goes on to say that he feels like he is getting a chance to do things right with Cynthia and has explained to his daughters and their mothers the things he did during those relationships that were unacceptable.

Hill feels like he is not completely out of the woods from the things he’s done, however, and admits that he feels his daughters have paid for some of his bad decisions. “I look at my daughters and some of the things that they had to go through in their relationships or whatever, and I feel like it’s a little bit of a karma,” he reveals.

Hill felt at the time that Cynthia’s love would help him finally heal from his mistakes. “I’m just thankful that I have a lady in my life who loves me for who I am, the man that I am now, and the growth that I have, and she wants to continue to help me grow in the future.”

In her confessional, Cynthia discusses how Mike has cheated on his wives before her and wonders what makes her different. It is still unclear if he cheated during their union or why they split. However, the pair remain very supportive of each other on social media and have commented positively on each other’s posts recently.

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