DaBaby Struggling To Give Away Free Tickets At Cheesecake Factory, Employees Don’t Want Them

DaBaby’s fall from the top continues to unfold in real-time. The hitmaking rapper is having the same experience as Kanye West, realizing that there are serious consequences for offending the wrong communities. For DaBaby, it was his rant against the LGBTQ community and women that has ensured he never secures another hit. Even worst, he cannot tour and is struggling to give away tickets to his latest trek.

DaBaby is currently on tour for his latest album, Baby On Baby 2. The project dropped in September, and its highest stream song is track four, “Socks,” with 5 million. While an impressive number for anyone else, this barely scratches the surface of the numbers he used to make, with his top five songs all sitting in the 100 million range. He’s got two records that cracked a billion.

His streams should have been a telltale sign to his label that maybe a tour was not the best idea. Unfortunately, he took the project on the road and has been getting exposed by fans who have shown up to empty stadiums and emails about buy-one-get-one-free tickets. DaBaby is currently scheduled for shows through March of 2023. According to Ticketmaster, a show in Detroit had to change venues already, with the site showing “moved to St. Andrews Hall.” He had to cancel a New Orleans show where only 500 people brought tickets out of 14,000.

DaBaby was recorded walking into a Cheesecake Factory where a woman who worked there reported that he was trying to give away tickets, but nobody would take them. “DaBaby walking around Cheesecake Factory giving out free tickets and still being turned down is nasty work,” reported one person. People in the comments shared screenshots from the ticket sale site showing that front-row tickets to the show were only $32. “He might as well start paying folks to see him cuz when they won’t take free tickets, what else can you do?” said one person.

DaBaby has said that people are just trolling him, as several accounts have popped up telling similar stories. One person said, “DaBaby literally dropped off 100 tickets at my mom’s job, and they’ve been sitting on the front desk for two weeks… all 100.” Another person commented on the mess, saying, “Rapper DaBaby went from being an A-List star to handing out free tickets to his show at Cheesecake Factory. He wasn’t canceled for rapping about murdering Black people. He was canceled by the LGBT community after he said that his fans should NOT be [expletive] in the parking lot.”

DaBaby’s fall is very similar to that of Kanye’s, and in both cases, people seem to be confused why these men could be so toxic to the black community but only be canceled when they offend another group. Kanye famously brought DaBaby out during his Donda listening event and even included him on the album. The men shared the stage with fellow canceled star Marilyn Mason.

Do you think DaBaby is going to have to cancel his future tour dates at this rate?

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