Dame Dash Not Giving Up On His Brother, Ye, Calls Out Everyone Pretending To Care : ‘I Want Him To Live’

Kanye West may be losing supporters, but one friend is sticking by his side. Dame Dash has known Kanye since the very beginning, and as co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records alongside Jay-Z, he was one of the first to take a chance on him. West might not have many allies left, but Dame is determined to help his friend “live.”

Kanye West has been open about his mental illness over the years, something people feel has been used as a way to excuse his erratic behavior. West has been on a downward spiral for a while now, since his very confusing campaign for president in 2020. In the time since, he has left his wife, Kim Kardashian, and started a very public vendetta against her and former boyfriend, Pete Davidson, that resulted in Pete leaving her.

Kanye has also tarnished business partnerships with The Gap and Adidas, publicly calling the companies out for not executing his vision the way he wanted. Both companies are tied to West for a few more years but have made it clear they want to distance themselves from him as soon as possible. Balenciaga has already cut ties with him earlier today. This has been made worst but his ongoing war against all media, which he believes is being controlled by Jewish people.

West is trying to make up for it now and recently sat down with Piers Morgan to apologize. He admitted that his remarks came from a racist place and that he had hurt and offended people. “Hurt people hurt people,” he reflected. Kanye said he wanted to be free of trauma and was “giving it all to God.” Dame Dash appeared on a show in London called Kick Game’s Sneaker Shopping, where he discussed his “brother” Ye. He admitted to being very worried about him. Dame says that Kanye is clearly distributing signs of bipolar disorder, and people need to “leave it at that.” Dame believes we should “worry about [Kanye’s] health if we care about him.”

When it is all said and done, Dame says his only concern is that Kanye comes out of this alive. “I want him to live; ya’ll worried about the wrong [stuff],” the media mogul stated.

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