Damon Wayans Crowns Dave Chappelle Comedian Of Our Generation, But Questions His Specials

Dave Chappelle has faced many kinds of critics. While plenty love and celebrate the legendary comedian’s material and find his content to be riveting and hilarious, there are those who simply find what he says to be more on the unfunny side. Apparently, joining in the ranks of those who feel that way is another legendary comedian, Damon Wayans. A recent interview with Hot 97 gave viewers an insight into how the In Living Color creator feels about Chappelle.

Netflix recently released Dave Chappelle’s latest special, Dave Chappelle: What’s In A Name? But, according to a Deadline report, the 40-minute short was not billed as a “comedy” special. Instead, it was a speech he’d given at Washington D.C.’s Duke Ellington School of the Arts in June. But fans who typically see a Dave Chappelle-labeled project appear on a platform, like this latest one which Netflix dropped on the low, noticed it was not a comedy. However, many took to Twitter to note that the comedian delivered a speech that was so worthy of being translated into a Netflix special.

During the special, Dave Chappelle mentioned his highly talked-about 2021 stand-up, The Closer. He confidently stood by his work despite the backlash he faced from some critics and members of the LGBTQ community. The iconic comedian also mentioned his belief that none of his contemporaries could release another as outstanding for another decade.

Damon Wayans was reluctant to give his entire opinion on Dave Chappelle’s statement because he “loves” the comedian. However, the My Wife And Kids star acknowledged Chappelle’s untouchable status nothing that everything he’s doing is being filmed for a special. However, Damon Wayans begged the question, “As an artist, is it special […] or are they taking advantage of me because I’m special?” In addition, he admits that he has not watched Chappelle’s latest release on Netflix but specifically referred to it as a “speech.”

Damon Wayans expressed that Dave Chappelle’s material is potentially “blurring the lines” of comedy. He feels the Chappelle Show actor should clarify whether the material presented is a comedy special or a speech. But Wayans stamps Dave Chappelle as the undisputed “comedian of our generation.” According to Damon Wayans, Chappelle is “braver” than he is at the moment. However, he states that was not always the case. “In Living Color speaks to my fearlessness,” said the legend. Regardless of his opinions, Damon Wayans expressed that his respect for Dave Chappelle remains intact. “He weathered a very difficult storm and came out on the other side smiling, and I’m happy for him,” he said. But as it pertains to who is the better of the two, Wayans would rather leave it for the audience to make the decision on “what greatness is.”  “Y’all come see me,” said Damon Wayans.

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