Damson Idris Admits He Had To Tap Into The Devil To Play Snowfall Character, Begged Devil To Come To Him

Snowfall actor, Damson Idris is one of the more celebrated actors in the game.

The British television star has been keeping people glued to their sets for months as the star of Snowfall, which recently wrapped up. While past weeks have seen his acting eclipsed by his relationship with Lori Harvey and THAT scene with Chloe Bailey in Swarm, Idris pulled the focus back to his breakthrough role in a recent discussion with The Hollywood Reporter.

While speaking with some of his television peers, Damson Idris explained that he sometimes found it difficult to summon the right energy to portray Franklin Saint on Snowfall

Saint was a drug dealer instrumental in the first crack epidemic of the ’80s. Damson says that playing Saint required him to go to places he was not always able to tap into willingly. As a result, he asked the Devil for help.

“This last season, I was hitting a block. I was like, ‘Ah, I’m not doing it right.’ So I went in the corner, and I was looking at the wall, and I was like ‘come on devil, come on devil,'” he told the table of actors. What happened next? Damson says that he was able to pull the energy needed for the role but that he was not able to shake it for months after.

“I had nightmares for a month,” he admitted. “I had nightmares every day. I felt that energy. I had to pray and do all this stuff to like get rid of it, and you know you call your mom up, and you’re like, ‘bring me back to life.’ That stuff is real!”

Fans in the comments agreed, with many sharing their own experiencing with channeling bad energy and learning how to keep their spirits safe. “The power of the tongue is real,” said one fan. “Ain’t no role in life worth calling on the devil; this is sad,” said another.

Some fans warned Lori Harvey to stay away from the actor, but the couple is going strong and recently went viral in a clip of them getting cozy at Beyonce’s show in London.

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