Darius McCrary Granted Restraining Order Against Fiancée, Who Was First Married To His Deceased Godfather

Darius McCrary has found some justice in the fight against a deranged ex.

The Family Matters star loves love and has been in some serious relationships over the years. Unfortunately, his latest got scary, and he has been granted a restraining order against the woman he initially had plans to marry.

Darius was engaged to a woman named Tanya Hijazi. Hijazi and McCrary got engaged in November of 2021. Pretty quickly, things got ugly, and Darius has been open about the abuse he suffered. This included emotional trauma that he claims made it impossible for him to work. Hijazi reportedly had a drug problem as well, one that drove Darius away from their home after she turned it into a “drug den.”

Hijazi, who was married to Rick James from 1997 to 2002, is said to have agreed to go to rehab but came back even more volatile. Darius has a relationship with Rick James as well, calling him his “godfather” and claiming to have seen him the night before he passed.

In addition to threats of violence against Darius, Tanya also took all his possessions and placed them in a storage facility that she has denied him access to. The items include his clothing and expensive electronic items and equipment.

Hijazi has made threats against Darius’ dog, has keys to his car, and has told him she would leak stories to the press. “I am afraid she will cause further damage. She continues to call me “a punk and is slandering my name in several professional circles of the entertainment industry.” He’s been granted a four year restraining order against her for his protection.

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