Darius McCrary Reveals Hanging Out With Michael Jackson At 5-Years-Old: “The Only Strange Thing I’ve Seen Was The Stuff He Had To Put Up With”

Darius McCrary is a beloved American actor. The Family Matters star is forever referred to by his television counterpart Eddie Winslow’s name when people talk about him. While he was no where near at popular as Jaleel White’s Steve Urkel, he was synonymous with the character since he played the straight man to Urkle’s zanier antics. In an interview with the Breakfast Club he opened up about growing up in entertainment and his memories of Michael Jackson when he was a child.

While he is most known for his work on Family Matters, McCrary actually got his start in the ’80s on television comedy Big Shots. Recalling the glory days, he tells DJ Envy that he would never be upset at people who still call him Eddie Winslow. He recalls how audiences were much more secured back then because they only had a few networks and no social media. He is honored to have been in people’s homes and says that the role never pigeonholed him because he was able to do other things both before and during its popularity.

He recalls being able to play roles like Muhammad Ali in Don King: Only in America and be featured in Oscar winning films like Mississippi Burning before even stepping foot on the Family Matters stage. “I had a solid foundation” he told them. “I was able to cut my teeth and hone my skills early on.” He goes on to say that he comes from an entertainment family. The McCrarys were an American family gospel & R&B group best known for the songs “You”, which featured a harmonica solo from Stevie Wonder. Their song “Any Ol’ Sunday” also became one of Chaka Khan’s signature covers.

As a child he would go on tour with his folks. They often opened for The Jacksons and frequently collaborated with Michael and his siblings as writers, musicians and session vocalists. He goes on to say that his family was heavily involved in Broadway as well, and that while doing some work on broadway he was discovered by Kim Fields mother Chip Fields. “That’s what got me into acting. Theater gave me my start indirectly.”

While recalling his past and growing up in entertainment, he recalls the time he spent with Michael Jackson when he was 5 years old. “Did you ever see anything weird?” asked Charlamagne. “No, I didn’t. Only thing to me that was strange and weird about the life Michael lived is all the bull**** he had to pull up with.”

He goes on to talk about his time in the industry and how it has helped mold him and make him stronger. He thanks legends like Bobby Womack and Chaka Khan for being candid with him in sharing their experiences. They went on to address The Breakfast Club giving him Donkey of the Day for him telling TMZ that he feels everyone’s been touched by someone inappropriately at one point. He goes on to say that a lot of people have no ideas what celebrities go through to open up doors for people today.

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