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Darius Mcrary’s Fiancée Does Interview To Defend Actor Against Sidney Starr Rumors

Family Matters star Darius McCrary may be denying the rumors that he’s dating transgender reality star Sidney Starr, but he’s surely riding the publicity wave. Now to double down on the claims that his relationship with Starr is merely an “amicable” one, his fiancee is coming out to support him.

Speculation of a deeper relationship between Darius McCrary and Sidney Starr began in October of 2020. The former Love And Hip Hop: New York cast member was posted onto McCrary’s Instagram page by the actor, thus driving social media to draw their conclusions. The post by Darius McCrary was a video showing Sidney Starr dancing to a song. In the caption, the actor calls Sidney Starr “Undeniable”, then writes “what’s understood doesn’t need to be explained.”

These rumors intensified this week after pictures and videos from a recent photo shoot were uploaded by Sidney Starr. While in her caption Starr states that McCrary is a “black heterosexual male actor who’s standing aside a controversial transgender woman,” she also claimed they are “great friends.” In one video, the two were seen getting really close, seemingly for the shot. But another video posted by Sidney Starr’s assistant showed the pair dancing together before things escalated as the two embraced for a kiss.

Amid the speculations from fans, Sidney Starr would then reportedly give an exclusive story to The Shade Room that the two had been dating since February. The since-deleted story propelled Darius McCrary and his reps to come forward to address the rumors.

In a video uploaded to social media, McCrary and his Family Matters co-star Jo Marie Payton denied that there was any relationship between the two outside of being friends. “I am a grown man,” the actor said. “I’m really five years away from 50, so if I wasn’t with my mama I would really be saying this a whole other way. But I am with my mama. Stop running with these rumors.”  McCrary added that his fiancee wouldn’t be pleased with the Internet speculations. “That’s what y’all should really be focusing on, where that ring is,” he said.

Additionally, his rep denied that they were romantically involved and claimed that Sidney Starr, whom they also represented in the past before firing, had been attempting to use Darius McCrary’s name for clout. Sidney has fabricated relationships for clout in the past, admittedly with Chingy. Those rumors ultimately began the demise of his career. A statement shared to The Shade Room read that while the actor had “no interest in dating Starr,” he would remain friends with her. They also accuse her of pulling the stunt in an attempt to be recast on Love and Hip Hop.

Attempting to clear the air further, Darius McCrary and his fiancee appeared in an interview to shut the rumors down. McCrary makes it plain that the rumors were something that he used to be able to “laugh at,” but now all of his time and “resources” are spent “fighting accusations.” The actor also shares that in most cases the opposing party is trying to “clout chase.” His fiancee then responds in support of McCrary, but things took a turn when the couple was asked to kiss. After they shared a kiss, McCrary’s fiancee proceeded to give every other woman in the room a kiss. See video below.

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