Dave Chapelle ‘Un-Canceled’ By Fans

Social media is rife with those who are always at the ready and willing to cancel a celebrity for sometimes what seems like the simplest misunderstanding. However, there are many that are over it and would rather “cancel culture” be canceled itself. Celebrities like Kevin Hart, Chris Brown, and Doja Cat have all fallen victim, but seemingly have been “uncanceled” by supportive fans. Comedian Dave Chappelle is also one who many have tried their hardest to cancel. But with all of his latest successes, that’s been proven hard to do.

Dave Chappelle is one of the comedians that have been heavily lauded in this generation. His works have been heralded by critics and fans alike from The Chappelle Show to Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. But his 2019 Netflix special Sticks & Stones brought an outcry for him to be canceled. However, Dave Chappelle is indeed seemingly unbothered. The comedian has both done and been through a lot to get to where he is now.

For one, Dave Chappelle decided to cancel himself in the form of not returning to work on The Chappelle Show. For a period of time, the comedian took a sabbatical to South Africa at the height of his career. His decision caused production to be halted on the show indefinitely. Years later, Dave Chappelle explained that success did not feel like what he initially thought it would. “I just didn’t feel right,” he said in an interview with Gayle King. It was revealed that Comedy Central offered Dave Chappelle $50 million to fulfill a third and fourth season of the show, which he ultimately declined.

But the comedian revealed that although his decision was “not easy” and that he wouldn’t recommend anyone doing it, Chappelle found peace and balance in his decision. Success has not been shy of finding its way to Dave Chappelle since walking away from the show either. Chappelle’s Netflix special Sticks & Stones may have been jarring for many, but went on to receive many accolades. Dave Chappelle was awarded a Grammy for Best Comedy Album, and three out of the 6 Emmys the special was nominated for.

If that was not enough for a comeback, Dave Chappelle would make iconic guest hosting appearances on Saturday Night Live. It was then announced in 2016 that Chappelle and Netflix entered a deal worth a whopping $60 million. A Page Six insider reported that “Dave was offered $20 million a special.” His latest Netflix special The Closer was released on October 5th and once again, people are calling for him to be canceled. The comedian, however, was greeted with thunderous praise and an uproarious standing ovation at the screening of his upcoming documentary. “If this is what being canceled is like, I love it,” said Dave Chappelle, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He then went on to lambast networks such as NBC and ABC News, as well as Twitter. “I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to you,” he added. “This is real life.”

Currently, The Closer is #4 on Netlfix’s Most Watched list. And while there are tons of critics that are vying for the special to be pulled from Netflix, fans on social media are praising Dave Chappelle. “I’d bet my life 90% of the negative comments about Dave Chappelle “the closer” special didn’t even watch it. That s**t was funny AND thought provoking, AND touching. [For real, for real] had [me] tearing up when he talked about [his trans] friend. He’s a master at his craft,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

Another wrote, “The Closer might be the best work I’ve seen by Dave Chappelle. Amazing, eloquent, and as always, goes right for the jug.” One fan commended Dave Chappelle for his tribute to late trans comedian Daphne Dorman. They also mentioned that while the special may not be The Closer may not be Chappelle’s “funniest,” it is his “smartest.”

“Brilliantly executed & the ending caught me off guard. I won’t ruin anything, but I thought it was quite bittersweet, very heartbreaking, and surprisingly uplifting. Well done, Dave!” the supporter tweeted. The family of Daphne Dorman also recently declared their support for Dave Chappelle. A report from The Daily Beast shared messages from two of Dorman’s sisters that made their stance clear towards the comedian.

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