DC Young Fly’s Dad Had Him At 61, Comedian Says His Oldest Brother is 66: “I Got a Grandbrother”

DC YoungFly is a hilarious young comedian. Despite his age, he manages to appeal to audiences of all ages. He’s succeeded in the social media culture while still getting respect from the likes of Chris Tucker.

A possible reason for this? The comic is the youngest in a much, much older family. DC YoungFly was a late addition to his father, who was 61 years old when he was born.

While visiting Shannon Sharpe’s podcast Club Shay Shay, DC YoungFly, discussed his unique family circumstances. DC is the youngest of 6 and opened up with Shannon about being in an “older family.” “Everybody knows my daddy had me when he was 61.

My oldest brother right now is 66. I got a grandbrother,” DC YoungFly admitted with a hysterical laugh. Shannon seemed shocked, yelling, “What!?”

DC YoungFly continued, “I got great nieces. I’m a great uncle. I been a great uncle since I was 12. We had to start changing our relationships. I asked them to just call me their cousin.” DC says he refused to call someone his uncle that was younger than him.

People in the comments with similar experiences joined in with their own stories of older families. “My mom adopted me when she was 68. She had kids of her own, so I’m 23 with seven brothers and sisters between the ages of 50 and 70.

I can relate,” said one woman. “My grandma was having babies while her babies were having babies. The family stories are hilarious!” said another one.

DC went on to discuss how he developed his sense of humor in school and how he enjoyed funny people. On the other end, having older parents taught him how to be appreciative because he admits they did not always have much.

DC jokes that he would have to wear fake shoes and sometimes tried to convince his friends to get fake shoes, too, so he would not be alone.

The men laughed about DC YoungFly playing sports due to his size, but DC informed Shannon that he could take a hit on the field. “Imma move out your way, though,” he joked.

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