Deb Antney Pressuring Waka To Have Kid Cause She Wants Grand Kids, Despite Him Not Being Ready

Deb Antney wants her son to know a few things. For one, he isn’t getting any younger, and in her opinion, it’s high time for him to have children. Secondly, she isn’t getting any younger herself, and the famous momager is ready for her son to give her a grandchild. Despite Waka Flocka not being married to his longtime now-estranged wife, Tammy Rivera, Antney doesn’t believe that he should slow down. In fact, she thinks he should be out there working on having children.

It’s no secret that Deb Antney has wanted Waka Flocka to have kids. For years she has been instilling this into his mental space. The rapper already helps to raise co-parent Rivera’s daughter, Charlie. But as it pertains to biological children, he doesn’t have any of his own. But although Waka Flocka’s mother is adamant about seeing her son become a father, he’s not ready. During a recent episode of season 3’s Waka & Tammy, the rapper expressed that he has no desire to have children right now, making his mother visibly affected by the news. However, while he’s not ready to be a father this second, he did express that he would love to have kids of his own one day.  

Thirty-six-year-old Waka Flocka believes he’s too young to have children as it would potentially slow him down. But he did offer during the conversation that the closer he gets to 40, he can see himself begin to build his tribe of approximately ten children, or “go crazy,” as he aptly stated.

For Deb Antney, however, she expressed her fears of not living long enough to meet Waka Flocka’s children. She also mentioned how everything surrounding Covid-19 exacerbated this fear. Antney also speaks on feeling “cheated” out of grandchildren from two of her other sons, whom she, unfortunately, lost a few years back. But Deb Antney also feels that Waka Flocka could share a child with a surrogate and draft an “agreement.” Stay tuned to see where their family saga goes!

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