Deceased Rapper Coolio Hit With $173K Lawsuit From Woman Claiming Rapper ‘Bull Rode’ & Assaulted Her In 2009

Rapper Coolio lived a wild life before his passing. The “Gangstas Paradise” hitmaker left his adoring family and friends to mourn him.

He also left behind a pretty large debt that now needs to be covered in his absence. According to one woman, Coolio left her with back pain after a crazy evening together where he “bull rode” her on a balcony during a party in Vegas.

Coolio, born Leon Ivey Jr, passed away on September 28th, 2022, in Los Angeles, CA. The rapper left behind seven kids, a long-term girlfriend, and an estate valued at $300k.

He also left no will. In addition to this, Coolio also left behind the debt he owed a woman named Randa Davis. Davis claims she met Coolio while partying at the MGM Club V in Las Vegas. The two went back to his VIP section, where she noted that he was drunk.

Despite this, she still kicked it with him and eventually was instructed by Coolio to look over the balcony at the partying crowd down below. It was at this time that Coolio climbed on top of her and began to ride her back like a bull. The whole thing happened in 2009.

The incident left Davis with severe and permanent lower back issues. the issues included “pain, disability, mental anguish, medical expenses, wage loss, loss of future earning potential and other damages.”

Davis sued for $1 million in damages for the assault and battery. Coolio never responded to the lawsuit and was eventually hit with $173,069.28 that he’s owed Davis since 2013.

As previously mentioned, Coolio left behind no will, and his estate is estimated at $300k but has yet to be assigned to any of his children. Jarel Posey (also known as Jarez Posey) is the one tasked with handling Coolio’s financial matters since his friend’s passing.

Coolio was, unfortunately, a victim of the fentanyl crisis, which has been claiming the lives of many.

Coolio was using the pain relief drug recreationally but accidentally overdosed. Toxicology reports also found traces of heroin and methamphetamines in his system. Coolio also had asthma and a long history of smoking.

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