“Sometimes Her Version Of Being A Good Wife, Isn’t Always The Version I Need”: Devon Franklin Speaks On Being A Good Husband and Wife

Actress Megan Good and her husband Devon Franklin have filed for divorce after nine years. The picture-perfect pair made the announcement yesterday to their shocked fans. Many people looked at Franklin and Good as the ideal couple, and the pair shared much of their marriage with the public in hopes of inspiring other couples and relationships. As people continue to comb through the details of their announcements, some have decided to revisit some of Franklin and Good’s past interviews to see if they can detect where things started to go bad.

Devon Franklin is an American Hollywood producer, best-selling author, and motivational speaker. That last job seems to be his most significant role as he has been front and center when it comes to many relationship conversations. In 2019, he published The Truth About Men : What Men and Women Need to Know. Its official synopsis reads, “DeVon Franklin dishes the real Truth About Men by making the compelling case that men aren’t dogs, but all men share the same struggle.” The book is geared towards giving men tips towards recognizing patterns and creating opportunities for change.

During his press run for the book, Devon sat down with Essence Magazine’s The Yes, Girl! Podcast to discuss the book and common mistakes made in marriage. While there, Franklin opened up about what it means to be a perfect husband and perfect wife, and how a lot of times couples have very different understandings of this. “My version of being a good husband may not be the version she needs,” Franklin tells the ladies before flipping it and saying, “Her version of being a good wife is her version of what being a good wife should be, but it’s not always what I need.”

Franklin goes on to say that good communication is vital and not just right when the problem arises. The women hosting admitted that they can hold grudges for a few weeks before they actually address it, which Franklin says is common. Devon believes the most telltale sign is when a woman is withdrawn in the bedroom. Franklin believes that if a wife is not ready for intercourse, then something is wrong and you should identify that as a red flag.

It’s unclear if this philosophy played a part in the couple splitting. Good recently opened up in an interview saying she was taking her time before deciding to raise kids, which is another thing people are thinking might have been the cause of their split. Good says she’s raised animals throughout her life, but worries that she is not ready for kids.  In a joint statement released on December 21st, Franklin and Good keep it very political and stated that divorce was the next “best chapter” for them and their love. “After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to go into our futures separately but forever connected,” Good, 40, and Franklin, 43, share in a joint statement.

The couple acknowledges their decade of love and stressed that “no one is at fault.” They also insist that their love is eternal and that they will remain good friends. Franklin was noticeably absent from Good’s premiere for her Amazon series Harlem which tipped some people off to trouble in paradise.

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