Did Wendy Williams Get Married Again? Her Manager Claims She Isn’t, But Wendy Insist She Is

Wendy Williams really became her own real-life Hot Topic. The last several years of her career have been marred with messiness. From growing health issues, to her divorce, the cancellation of her show, and more. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see if they will ever get the old Wendy they once knew back again, but it seems to get less and less likely every day. Now the Talk show host claims she is a married woman.

Wendy Williams was married to Kevin Hunter for 22 years when the two called it quits in 2019. They share one son together, Kevin Hunter Jr. Kevin Sr. had been accused of cheating for years but never confirmed by Williams until he knocked up his mistress. Williams then went to rehab briefly before rebranding her final season to show of her single-girl era. Williams always stressed that she is a wife, not a girlfriend, and was hard at work looking for her next husband. 

With her health completely eclipsing the final season of her show, everyone’s concerns were placed solely on if Williams would be able to rebound and reclaim her throne. While she announced plans to launch a podcast, few knew that she was still putting in work looking for a husband as well. Well, it appears she’s found one cause Williams has recently announced she is married. This is according to fellow gossip enthusiasts and Williams’s friend Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked. 

Jason Lee was famously the first person to get Wendy out and about following months of her being off the radar following complications from Covid-19 and her ongoing battle with Graves Disease. They attened the Met Gala together. “Came to New York for the Met Gala but I wasn’t gonna come outside without the sexiest date in New York City,” Lee said in a video posted to his Instagram around the time. 

According to Hollywood Unlocked, Wendy called up her good friend Jason Lee this week to deliver the news about her nuptials. According to their caption, “[Wendy] let Lee know that she recently tied the knot and that her new man’s name is Henry, who is an NYPD officer!” The post alluded to Williams being very coy on details, instead saying that she prefers to give full details when “she’s sitting in front of a camera with an audience.”

Wendy Williams’s new management William Selby took to Page Six to clear up any confusion on the matter and said that while Williams is indeed in a new relationship, she probably just got excited and carried away talking to Jason. Jason Lee called Williams back up and posted a screen recording of him and Wendy on the phone, confirming she is married yet again. Wendy told Jason that she does not care what anyone thinks and declared once again that she got married last week. “I don’t care who knows it. I’m married. Will sees no point in me getting married. F— Will.” Wendy confirms that Will is her official rep but that he has no say over her announcement. 

Elsewhere in their report, Hollywood Unlock alleged that Williams has no desire to have her family too close to her and her new husband. If you recall, Wendy Williams’ brother called her trash last week after claiming she refused to let her son enter her penthouse. Despite his report, Wendy seems to be on decent terms with her son, since he’s the only person she wants around her along with her new husband, according to Hollywood Unlock’s story.

Fans in the comments all had the same questions, what is the truth? “Is she paperwork married, or it’s she just like dude a lot married? It’s 2022, and it’s a different kind of married meanings goin on nowadays,” said one person. “Will is protecting her, but wendy doesn’t want to be protected, it is what it is atp” said another fan. 

Wendy told Jason that she is still having financial issues and recently lost access to her AMEX. As a result, William Selby has been helping keep her afloat until her podcast takes off. Williams has been feuding with Wells Fargo since earlier this year when the bank blocked her from access millions because they believed she was the victim of undue influence and financial exploitation The former talk show host was absent from the entire final season of her show, and many think she lost a lot of money between the divorce, ongoing health issues, and the show ending.  Do you believe Wendy is married, or is she just trying to keep her name in the hot topics? 

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