Diddy Accused Of Stealing From Artists Over The Years, Finally Addresses The Rumors

Sean “Diddy” Combs is a crucial voice in the worlds of hip-hop and R&B. The music mogul helped introduce the world to the likes of Notorious B.I.G, Mary J Blige, Faith Evans, 112, Danity Kane, and Lil Kim. While he’s amassed a million-dollar fortune, several of his acts have faded into obscurity over the years, with a lot of them complaining about financial issues and bad contracts. While Diddy is very vocal about other things, he has always stayed quiet about accusations that he robs his artists until recently.

Aubrey O’Day, of Danity Kane, was present in one of the most public displays of Diddy and his bad business. Her band was assembled for the purpose of a television show, with the ladies later admitting that no one expected them to be successful, and they were treated poorly while on the label. Aubrey has been the most vocal and has spoken out about how Diddy mismanaged the ladies and treated them differently, all the while being misogynistic and toxic to them every week on television. Aubrey responded to Diddy’s announcement in 2020 that he’d be launching his own political party, blasting her former boss and revealing how close how was with then-president Donald Trump. “Diddy has mismanaged artists & stolen their money his whole career. Now he’s showing up with 18 days left before the election to get Trump out of office?” she asked her followers.

Danity Kane was not Diddy’s first television cash-grab. He also made a group of aspiring rappers walk for cheesecake in the second season of Making the Band. The group, named “DaBand,” went on to only release one album before being disbanded. Freddy P admitted to Diddy barely paying them while in the group. Freddy said that the group was all “sent back to the hood” following their time on the show and that Diddy made him not even care about life anymore.

R&B brothers B5 were on the label for a while and were touted as a fun young group to rival B2K and Pretty Ricky. The boys, unfortunately, never caught a hit and never got paid either. Now all adults, they took to social media to joke about how they made no money after 15 years on the Bad Boy Label. The boy reportedly suffered the “Bad Boy curse.” Other Bad Boy acts like Cheri Dennis, Day 26 and Donnie Klang have all suffered the same fate of shelved careers and empty bank accounts.

Rapper Mase, arguably the biggest success to come out of the Bad Boy golden era, has also accused Diddy of non-payment and terrible contracts. During a Breakfast Club interview, Diddy finally responded to these claims, saying he’s never taken anything from anyone and only aimed to create opportunities. Diddy says he is not a scum bag, and he would never steal from anyone. In fact, he claims Mase owes HIM $ 3 million. Mase fired back, saying that Diddy was high during the interview and was just mad Mase did not allow him to come on stage and give a fake apology.

Do you think Diddy has been intentionally stealing from artists over the years?

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