Disabled Man Claims American Airlines Lost His $26K Prosthetic Leg, Refuse To Pay Him To Have Leg Replaced

A handicapped Missouri man is dealing with a very expensive loss at the hands of American Airlines .

The disabled guy was getting around thanks to the help of a $26,000 prosthetic leg. Unfortunately, his leg was lost after an airline recently misplaced his luggage where the leg was stowed. He took to his local news with the story, and it has now gone viral thanks to American Airlines only offering him $600 for the hiccup.

Michael Williams is seen in a clip with Contact 2 News looking very upset. “You can’t do this to somebody that’s disabled,” he told the reporter. “Just say, ‘Hey, we lost something of yours that we’re not going to pay for.'” American Airlines says that they are not able to properly reimburse him for the leg that was lost on a flight home back in 2020.

Williams says that the leg was made special for him and was put in a suitcase labeled fragile. “I gave it to the young lady at American Airlines.” When he got to St. Louis airport, he said his bag never showed up.

Despite doing all the proper things to report the leg missing, he eventually got a check for only $600. “This is to cover the clothes that you lost,” Williams recalls American Airlines telling him. However, when he informed them of the price of the leg that was also in the suitcase, they said, “We don’t have enough proof or evidence to pay for the leg.”

Williams has hired a lawyer to help him get his money back. He is hoping American Airlines will do the right thing and help him out, but he’s worried that they are not going to help him. Williams, who is wheelchair-bound, says the whole experience has discouraged him from flying.

People in the comments have wondered why Williams had to fly without the leg. “How is a leg not automatically your carry-on choice 🤔,” asked one person. “Not to sound insensitive, but I don’t think I would leave my leg in my undercarriage luggage,” said another.

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