DL Hughley Challenges Mo’Nique To Look At Herself and Stop Blaming Everyone Else: “Maybe It’s You”

Mo’Nique and DL Hughley had a pretty ugly spat last year.

It got so gross that Mo’Nique even dragged his family into it. Hughley has since distanced himself from the drama but was recently asked by DJ Vlad about comments from Mo’Nique. According to Hughley, she needs to take a deep look at herself if everyone has a problem with her.

DL and Mo’Nique co-headlined a show last year where Mo felt she should have been the main act. She took this out on Hughley, eventually using family drama against him. This included resharing a video of him admitting to not believing his daughter after the told him she’d been abused.

In a recent interview, Monique says she does not take anything back and meant everything she said about Hughley. While he initially declined to comment on her most recent interview, DJ Vlad coaxed a response out of DL Hughley after reading to him a statement from her demanding an apology from him and saying he started their beef.

DJ Vlad laughed and said he recalled Mo’Nique being the one to actually start the trouble between herself and DL. She also defended herself, saying that she simply reposted an interview about his family but did not speak about them directly.

After saying multiple times that he had no interest in her comments, DL Hughley responds by saying, “When you go somewhere, and every time you go somewhere, a fight breaks out? Maybe it’s you.”

Hughley says that his family loves him unconditionally despite all the bad things he has done to them. Hughley also says that everyone he’s worked with would work with him again. He does not believe Mo’Nique can say the same.

DJ Vlad had a bad experience with Mo’Nique and her husband as well. After interviewing them, they demanded to see the release form. Vlad obliged and said the couple came back with really harsh demands.

They said they would own the footage and license it to him for a year. “I’m like, how if you gonna own something that I shot!?”

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