Does Chloe Bailey Have A Boyfriend?

Could Chloe Bailey have a boyfriend? Some fans are led to believe that the budding superstar is now off the market. And just as she fended off fan speculation that she was romantically involved with rapper Future, it’s now rumored that Chloe Bailey and rapper Gunna are dating. On Thursday, October 21st, the Atlanta Hawks housed the Dallas Mavericks in Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. Noticeably present and accounted for was the “Have Mercy” singer herself. But, she wasn’t alone as the “Too Easy” rapper accompanied her.

The two were seen courtside while enjoying the NBA game. Chloe was clad in all blue with a body-hugging suit that shows off all her curves. Bailey’s toes and fresh pedicure were also given some shine in her open-toed heels. Gunna set beside her in a pair of jeans with a flannel shirt and jewelry in full tow. Fans were often gifted a sighting of the possible couple on both the jumbotron and pictures that would land on social media as they enjoyed the Hawks defeating the Mavs.

This all follows Gunna’s public attempts at loading up the clip and directing it towards Chloe Bailey online. Those who witnessed Chloe Bailey have absolutely no mercy on the VMA stage saw what happened to her mic at the conclusion of the performance. That same move was not lost on Gunna, who took to his Instagram Stories after to praise her. “It’s the [tongue emoji] for me,” Gunna captioned his IG Story alongside a picture of Chloe licking the microphone.

The pictures definitely stunned fans as many on Twitter reacted in shock. A few were in support of the possible couple, saying that they look cute together. The rest of the comments were not as supportive. With the Internet abuzz over the latest speculations, neither Chloe Bailey nor Gunna has come forward to confirm or deny them. This potential relationship follows Gunna’s previous relationship with fashion designer Jai Nice, who reportedly split from him after over a year of dating for allegedly cheating with social media influencer Heather Rose.

As for Chloe Bailey, she’s been romantically linked to various celebrities, all of which she’s denied. When rumors sprung that Bailey could possibly be in a relationship with Future, she stated that she has never met him, but that the rapper is a “wonderful fella.” Prior to that, Bailey was thought to have been dating Memphis Depay, Jack Harlow, and Diggy Simmons. All relationships have been denied by the singer. She also recently insisted that her priority and main focus as of right now is her music. “Honestly I don’t… I can’t talk to multiple people at one time like that,” said Chloe on an Instagram Live chat. “I just… I don’t have it in me. I can’t do it. I cannot.”

Unsure of whether it could be what she considers to be the “Cancer” within her or not, Chloe shares that right now, music is taking her full attention. “Music is my man,” Bailey expressed. “I come home to him every single night and I love it. He’s faithful to me. I’m in love right now with music.” While on promotional duties for her debut single “Have Mercy,” Chloe Bailey has been opening up about the type of man that she would like to date. On top of that, Chloe admits on The Angie Martinez Show that she is definitely single.

In terms of what attracts her in a man, Chloe Bailey states that she loves a man that is a nerd, like herself. And although she is an “affectionate person”. Bailey also would prefer if her mate were not clingy. “Sometimes, I wanna be left wondering what he’s doing,” she said. “Because if you on your s**t and you’re working hard, you’re not always worried about me. And for some reason, that’s kinda hot because you’re working on you.”

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