Domestic flights to the United States will also require a negative Corona certificate

Domestic flights in the United States will also have to show a negative certificate of coronavirus from now on. Federal officials will check the corona certificate from passengers before boarding the flight. Transport Minister Pete Butigig announced the new guidelines.

Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) already made coroner’s negative certification mandatory on all international flights. This time around, it has been reported that all types of flights within the United States will have to show a negative coroner’s certificate.

Butigig announced the new guidelines in a program aired on television on Sunday night, local time. He said the matter has been discussed directly with the CDC. “I can tell you that this instruction is going to be introduced from now on,” he said.

When asked about this on Monday, CDC director Dr. in a statement from the White House. Rochelle Walensky said increasing coronavirus testing in populated areas, such as airports, would help prevent the spread of the virus. It has also been reported that asymptomatic patients can be identified.

Many people travel together at the airport, which greatly increases the risk of spreading the infection from an infected person. New types of corona have been identified in various countries, including Britain and Africa, raising new concerns. That is why the need for corona testing of international travelers has increased a lot.

According to a study released on Sunday, a new type of British corona, called B1.1.6, has already been found in the United States. At a press conference from the White House. “We have to handle every case properly,” Walensky said.

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