‘Don’t Get Mad At Me Cause Your Son Came Out Like That’: Boosie Goes Back & Forth With Lil Nas X Father

Boosie Badazz may not want to cross Lil Nas X’s father. The Montero rapper is currently on a roll, being one of the top acts in the world at the moment. But his sexuality, music videos, and seemingly all that comes with Lil Nas X appear to bother Boosie Badazz. The “disruption” to Boosie’s spirit erupted recently when a homophobic laden tweet was unleashed. Now, Lil Nax X’s dad has come forward with a message, making it plain to not play with his seed.

While Lil Nas X has stated that his relationship with his mother is pretty nonexistent, he is much closer with his father. R.L. Stafford, a gospel singer, gained custody of Lil Nas X after he lived with his grandmother for years. Years later, the world would come to know and love Lil Nas X when his massive hit “Old Town Road” took over. What would also begin to take center stage was the rapper’s sexuality. But before revealing the information to his Twitter, managers, or anyone in his team, Lil Nas X told his father.

The reveal to his father did not drive a wedge between the father and son, but instead, brought them closer. “I mean, especially now because I don’t have anything to hide,” Lil Nas X told Variety while adding, “It was a shock for him.” The rapper also revealed to Billboard why it took so long for him to share the news with his family. Lil Nas X credits his then-newfound independence for giving him the push. “It’s something I never probably would have [done] if I was still living with my parents,” he admits.

Since his breakthrough, Lil Nas X’s father has been a supportive figure in his life. Stafford can be seen as a featured cameo in the music video for “Sun Goes Down”, the second single from Montero. Prior to that, Lil Nas X faced severe backlash from many in the Christian and conservative communities for the music video to “Call Me By Your Name (Montero).” Stafford voiced his support for his son, which was shared by Lil Nas X on social media. The text message to Lil Nas X from Stafford shows his father expressing that he was able to complete the music video while congratulating him. “Live life on your terms. Very PROUD of you,” Stafford wrote.

In another instance, Stafford stepped up in defense of his son after a video clip went viral showing his mother in a regressive state due to her addiction issues. Taking to social media, Stafford wrote that Lil Nas X “is the greatest kid a parent can be BLESSED with.” One person who has unequivocally shared his opinions on Lil Nas X and his apparent disgust is rapper Boosie Badazz. For the past few months, Boosie has expressed open criticism for the rapper, with many instances feeling harsher than needed. But his most recent tweet following an apparent trolling from Lil Nas X has caused an uproar.

Lil Nas X appeared on a recent Livestream to share that he had an upcoming collaboration with the Lousiana rapper. However, Boosie did not take kindly to Lil Nas X’s jokes and unleashed a fiery response to him on Twitter. Not only did the expletive-laden tweet include the slur, but Boosie encouraged Lil Nas X to take himself out. “Nobody wants U here,” he claimed, saying that the act would be a “favor” to the world. Boosie then continued to claim in a subsequent tweet that the world loves him despite the overwhelming backlash he faced.

Both Lil Nas X and his father caught wind of the comments, which did not sit well with Stafford at all. While Lil Nas X took the trolling route with his apparent response to Boosie’s hate-filled speech, Stafford addressed him directly in his Instagram Stories telling Boosie he looks old. “Man sit your old man looking [self] down [..] The game has [passed] you. We real Bankhead over here. Not like the guy who claims it.” Boosie recently responded to Stafford, saying that he should not take his anger out on him for who his son is. “I know it hurts,” he added.

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