Dr. Umar Johnson Claims He Can Not Respect A Black Man Who Is Not Committed To A Black Woman

Dr. Umar Johnson is a social media personality known for his radical views on race and firm stance against interracial dating. Throughout his time in the public eye, he has done several interviews and live streams that have gone viral. His rants are infamous for his high energy and constantly repeating himself. While on the Breakfast Club, he opened up on his thoughts that black men should only date black women.

Dr. Umar Johnson is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist who specializes in working with the parents of African-American children who receive special education and/or are diagnosed with disruptive behavior disorders. He is famous for championing the development of black boys and has been pushing for years to fund a school called The Frederick Douglass & Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy for Boys. The Philly native has sat down with the Breakfast Club a few times. His most famous interview being the one from June of 2017.

Johnson kicked off the interview talking about his time in China and Japan, speaking with the African populations there. He goes into detail about how openly racist the Chinese and Japanese people are to their black counterparts, stating that due to the Civil Rights “culture” in America, it is not as bad here. “Racism has to be covert,” he says about the U.S. He then turned his focus to young black men being taught to love black women.

DJ Envy explains to Umar that he lives in a predominately white community because the schools and neighborhoods are better for his kids. As a result, it’s highly likely that his then 13-year-old son might bring home a girl who is non-black. “you telling me If my black son brings home a white girl, I should be like ‘son, you shouldn’t date her you should date a black person!?” Envy questioned Dr. Umar. You need to have a conversation, and let me tell you why. You have to teach your son loyalty to his community.” Dr. Umar goes on to say that many other cultures and communities practice this type of self-preservation, but black people, primarily African Americans, do not.

“European Jews do it; Arabs do it, Chinese do it. We’re the only people who feel anxious and ambivalent about telling our boys that you better love and marry a black woman.” He goes on to say that we’ve been conditioned by the church to be colorblind. “That’s why Africans are dead last. There’s nothing wrong with being loyal to yourself? Can that white woman ever understand your son’s struggle?” He goes on to say the only women on earth that can understand the black man is the black woman. “And that’s why I cannot respect a black man who is not committed to a black woman. That’s the greatest symbol of pride in self.” He concludes by saying that love is a function of priority and values.

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