Drake Claims He Used To Scrape Together $5K A Month To Rent Rolls Royce In Order To Keep Up His Appearance

There are very few things out of Drake’s grasp these days. The rapper went from Degrassi to multi-platinum status in about ten years’ time. He recently celebrated his birthday and told the story about how he used to do “extreme manifesting” to be able to envision the things he wanted and how he could someday have them.

Back in 2007, Drake was not a household name. Most people that did know him only knew him as Aubrey Graham from television. It was during this time that he was prepping for his massive debut album “So Far Gone.” To keep up appearances, he would scrape together $5k a month to rent a Rolls Royce Phantom in order to keep up appearances. He recently posted about the car and how someone recently purchased it for him as a full-circle moment. “Back in 2007, we used to finesse this Rolls Royce Phantom rental to convince people in the city we were destined to make it. I used to scrape together 5k a month somehow to keep up appearances.”

He goes on to say, “Even though I don’t recommend putting yourself in financial trouble for material things, I realize now that this was just my way of extreme manifesting. I needed to see it and feel it and have it to believe that I could see and feel and have anything I wanted.” He is now the proud owner of the same car he used to rent to help him flex. “Today in 2021, my brother @futuretheprince tracked down the exact car I used to stress over and gifted it to me… it’s mine now. Manifestation complete.” He goes on to shout out all the friends he used to visit and hang out with when he would rent it, including his producer 40, rappers Belly and CashXO, and more. Many of the people he shouted out are still on his team.

Drake’s come a long way from needing to scrap $5k together to rent a car. In another example of full-circle, he posted side-by-side pictures of him at the beginning of the decade and at the end posing by planes. Back in the day, a beardless drake posted smiling next to a Virgin Airlines flight. Next to it, a much richer Drake stood next to his private jet, AirDrake. “Wild times. Let’s go for another, shall we?” he captioned the post. The Boeing 767 was reportedly worth around $185 million before it even received renovations and upgrades. Cargojet gifted Drake the plane under the agreement that he would post pictures of it frequently and help them pay for the investment in publicity. According to Google, “Actor, producer and rapper Drake has a net worth of $200 million at just 34 years old, according to Celebrity Net Worth. One of the highest-paid performers, Drake earns roughly $1 million each time he appears in concert.”

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