Drake Claims He Wanted Rihanna To Be The Mother Of His Child and Have The Fairytale Of Starting Family In Resurfaced Interview

While Rihanna is celebrating her new baby news, fans have been more focused on how the reveal is affecting her former lover Drake. The pair were on-again, off-again for almost a decade, with many hoping they would end up together in the end, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck style. While their stories are far from over, for today, it looks like everyone’s branding Drake “Donkey of the Week” as he has to watch his former lady start her family with someone else. This stings even more thanks to a resurfaced interview where he claims to have wanted to be the one to start a family with her.

In the clip posted to Youtube from Podcast The Shop, Drake is branded a hopeless romantic by LeBron James who sighted songs like “Marvin’s Room” as an example. It is true, Drake has worn his heart on his sleeve in many a songs, a handful of which were reportedly about Rihanna. The cynical Drake laughs this off saying that people often challenge him and remind him that he cannot be single forever. While Drake agrees, he feels that a lot of the relationships we idolize are not what they seem behind the curtains.

In regards to people who feel like he should have “settled by now,” Drake feels like he understands and he wishes he had what they wanted for him as well. He refers to the perfect fairy tale romance and starting a family with Rihanna before clarifying that this was actually something he wanted in real life.

So what happened to the pair? If you go by Drake’s account, it seems he was always more smitten than RiRi. Drake talked about his “What’s My Name?” co-star several years ago, saying that he felt Rihanna was the first girl to successfully give him a dose of his own medicine. He claims Rihanna used him as a “pawn” in an interview with The New York Times. He claims she showed him “quality time” then “disappeared” like he had done to several women throughout his life.

Despite this, the two would continue to bless the world with their obvious chemistry. Nowhere was it more apparent than in 2016 when Drake presented her with the VMA Video Vanguard Award. The “One Dance” hitmaker admitted to being in love with her for over a decade and seemed genuinely honored to be present for such a big moment in her career. He called her his best friend in the world and was beaming with pride when he gave her her trophy.

A year later, Rihanna described the moment as awkward and uncomfortable before confirming that she no longer had a relationship with Drake in an interview with Vogue. She reportedly “winced” at the mention of his name and quickly changed the topic. With Rihanna’s new baby news circulating, it will be interesting to see if Drake comments at all or if he makes any mention of it in upcoming music. The pair have famously traded jabs over songs, with records like “Firework” and “Too Good” being about their relationship. Maybe a “Marvin’s Room” part 2?

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