Dwayne Johnson Recently Purchased His Mother A Home, But Good Friend, Kevin Hart Isn’t Impressed

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a true Hollywood success story. As fans of his sitcom Young Rock are learning, Johnson and his family came from extremely humble beginnings and struggled for a great deal of his childhood. Now a megastar, Dwayne enjoys a different type of life and is able to take care of his family. While he and his wife and kids live on a massive estate in Georgia, The Rock revealed that he only recently brought his mother a house.

Dwayne Johnson sat down with Oprah back in 2020 following the death of his father to discuss his legacy and why he always feels like he’s one check away from being broke again. Johnson says that coming home to an eviction notice in his teens terrified him so much that he vowed to be able to take care of his family one day. While his dreams of NFL stardom got dashed in college, Johnson would eventually join the WWE and become the first third-generation wrestler. He eventually became the biggest star in the league before crossing over into Hollywood. Johnson named his production company 7 Bucks to remind himself of the time he had nothing but 7 dollars in his pocket. As a result, he says he works hard and films a lot of movies to make sure his family never goes hungry.

Despite making millions in the film industry and currently having a net worth $800 Million, Johnson revealed during the promotional trail for Super Pets that he is now buying his mother a house. Co-star Kevin Hart could not help but point out the irony in this considering how long he’s been rich. The comedian whispered under his breath, “It’s about time.”

While Johnson begins to chuckle, Hart continues saying, “billion dollars later, and we finally buy his mom a house. Should we clap for that? The whole room is thinking the same thing.”The guys show off their endearing dynamic as they laugh together. Johnson joins in on the joke and says, “No more apartment! No more trailer park!” In an interview with Vanity Fair, Johnson reveals that the home took eight weeks to complete, and everything was brand new for his mother. “She walked through the very first time, and everything she saw was brand new and a total surprise.”

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