Dwayne Wade Tired Of People Trolling Zaya Wade, Became The Latest Celebrity To Delete Social Media Comments

Zaya Wade is stepping into a new party of her journey as a young woman, and her parents are making sure she has all she needs to do so with the most love and support possible. This week, Zaya unveiled a series of images sporting long flowy hair and subtle make-up for a Tiffany and Co. campaign. While there was an overwhelming amount of support from fans online, some noticed that they were not able to comment on her post as they would like. Father Dwyane Wade jumped on Twitter to let people know that the limited posts on her account was not a mistake. 

R&B singer Julian King took to Twitter to lament after realizing Zaya’s comments were limited. “I hate that I can’t comment hearts and cute comments under Zaya Wade’s IG post. As a member of her community, the LGBTQ community, I want to lift her up too.” He then tagged Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union before saying, “fix it, please.”

Dwyane responded to King and let him know that the family wanted to make sure Zaya was protected and intentionally limited her comments on purpose. “For Zaya’s mental health and privacy, we’ve decided not to allow the hate in her comments. Thank you for wanting to spread and send love.” Fans immediately defended the Wade family for the way they supported Zaya. Many called out Julian for being entitled and rude and forced the singer to go private on several of his social media accounts as he started to receive hate messages from fans. 

Ironically, the experience taught him exactly why the Wade’s have pulled back on access to Zaya, and he took to Twitter to thank Dywane for his response. “Thank you, @dwyanewade, for understanding what I said and where my heart was coming from. After all that transpired today, I see why you protect her mental health the way you do, and I respect it.” People took to the comments to support Dywane and thank him for protecting Zaya the way he does. “You may not like it, but at least he is a supportive parents ….. that love will always outshine the hate towards her!” 

Disabling comments after receiving a ton of backlash isn’t new for celebrities. Ms. Robbie from Sweetie Pie’s was recently forced to disable her comments following Tim Norman’s verdict. The restaurant owner and former reality star received some support from fans, but a ton of angry comments from others suggesting she was protecting her son. The former Ikette recently activated her comments again.

Megan Thee Stallion turned to social media a few weeks ago and said she was deactivating her accounts after being constantly attacked. Following a somewhat feud with Nicki Minaj, the female rapper’s Twitter account was filled with negative responses from the Barbz. Megan Thee Stallion took to Twitter claiming she was tired of receiving negative comments about her deceased parents. Cardi B is another celebrity who often take breaks from social media, typically after a feud.

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