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Earthquake Insists Will Smith Is A Good Man, But He Loves A Woman Who Doesn’t Love Him

Comedians have been rallying around one another in droves ever since the infamous slap during the Oscars. The incident has captured the world’s attention since it occurred in March, and people are still talking about it. One of the latest to speak on the Will Smith and Chris Rock debacle is Earthquake. But the stand-up comic speaks on Smith’s heart and character and claims he’s a “good man.” It’s who the actor is in love with that is the problem.

Earthquake was a guest on legendary radio personality Big Boy’s radio show on Los Angeles’s 92.3 FM station, where he talked about the controversial moment. Like many other viewers, the Washington D.C. native recalled watching in real time to view what should’ve been Will Smith’s glorious moment.  “It was the biggest night. He’s been preparing for [this] his whole career to become an Oscar winner,” Earthquake expressed. Notably, he noted that Will Smith was slated to win the award for lead actor and not supporting.  

However, as we all remember, Will Smith would slap Chris Rock during his comedic monologue moments before winning his award. The incident undoubtedly overshadowed the actor’s first Oscar win while placing damage on his upcoming projects. Earthquake and Big Boy both speak about their love and admiration for Will Smith and share experiences of his personal impact on their lives. In addition, they agreed that the moment was disappointing. The comedian expressed his empathy for Will Smith. “Two things can be true at the same time,” Earthquake shared. He then goes into what, or who he believes, is the impetus for the actor’s actions. “Will is a great man, but it shows what happens when you love a woman who don’t love you.”

Earthquake added that one could become blinded by a whirlwind of emotions once that reality settles in. The Everybody Hates Chris star shared that a man will “keep applying” whatever he feels he needs to do to acquire the “strength of a woman’s love” that doesn’t seem to love him the same in return. “All the accolades don’t matter,” said Earthquake. “All the accomplishments, all the gifts you give her do not matter when you’re not that dude.” In addition, the stand-up comic stated that the man “doesn’t stand a chance” at winning the woman’s love, heart, or affection in that position.

So at the moment when Chris Rock unleashed the joke about Jada Pinkett Smith that triggered Will Smith, Earthquake said that the actor’s big night “didn’t matter [anymore] when ‘mama’ (being his wife) wasn’t happy.” The comedian also gives examples where insecure men overreact when other men approach their women.   Additionally, Earthquake addresses those who claim to have wished to be in Chris Rock’s shoes at the moment with promises of retaliation. He challenges that other people wouldn’t have reacted differently. “You would have needed a pistol to get him off of you. That dude was in love,” exclaimed Earthquake.

John Davidson
John Davidson
John Davidson is a California native who enjoys hip hop music, skiing and traveling international. Davidson graduated from USC majoring in Journalism.


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