Ekushey Saje Jabiprabi Campus

Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST) Cultural Organization – ‘Birbatan Jessore’ branch of the initiative of the campus of the Shaheed Minar on the campus is now the color of the paint. The premises of the Shaheed Minar have got a new look as paintings have been painted on the boundary wall of the campus adjacent to the colorful Alpana and Minar. Also, colorful flowers are blooming everywhere in the campus. All in all, the whole university is full of a different beauty.

A two-day program has been announced on the occasion of International Mother Language Day in Jabiprabi from today. The first day of the program will be on Saturday (February 20) in the presence of the Vice-Chancellor at 9.30 pm at the central Shaheed Minar of the university lighting of Mars lamps, poetry recitation, patriotic songs, plays and performances will be held from 9 pm with the participation of university students. A discussion meeting in memory of the international mother tongue and language martyrs will be held from 11 pm.

A wreath will be laid at the central Shaheed Minar in Jabiprabir on Sunday (February 21) at 12 noon under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor. Besides, there is a program of hoisting the national flag at half-mast and hoisting the black flag on the campus at 8:30 am, a morning procession around the main gate of the university from the administrative building to the Shaheed Minar at 8:00 am and a prayer mahfil at the Central Jame Mosque after noon.

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