Erica Campbell Is Calling Out The Hypocrites

Erica Campbell is clarifying some social media comments she made last year that raised a couple of eyebrows. The ladies of Cocktails with Queens recently reviewed the posts and were looking to shed some new light on what the gospel legend might be referring to and why she decided to post when she did. Last year Campbell addressed the post, but it looks like she got asked about it again recently during a red carpet.

Last November, The Mary Mary singer posted a picture to her Instagram saying, “You can’t sow h*e seeds and reap the marriage benefits. Your brain and body don’t switch like that. You gotta prepare your mind for marriage because it’s ministry.” Some found the post problematic because Campbell and her husband had just recently opened up about his infidelity. During a conversation with Tamron Hall, the gospel singer addressed it saying, “he told me he had been unfaithful and that it had been years back. He thought that if he just stopped and kept moving forward, it would be fine. But he said he didn’t have peace and couldn’t rest.”

She went on to say that things got very dark afterward and she contemplated leaving him. However, she began to consider her vows and the commitment she’d made to the marriage. “I asked myself, ‘is he a mistake, or did he make a mistake?’ And I believe he’s a good man that made a mistake,” Campbell told Tamron. Her husband, Warryn Campbell, admitted to his affair a few years before that, speaking with OWN Network’s series Black Love about getting his mistress pregnant. She ultimately decided not to keep the baby. “I was being selfish because I wanted things to change, but I wanted [my wife] to do the changing,” he admitted in the episode.

Having such a well-documented public display of forgiveness and hope and turning around and making such a post caught a lot of people off guard. One person commented under the original post Erica made saying, “As people of God we really do have to be mindful of the words that we speak. She could have chosen a better delivery method… But let’s not forget whence thou came from… She could very well let her husband and her brother-in-law be the spokespersons for how to overcome these types of sexual immoralities…” In an interview with The Morning Hustle Show around the time of the post, she tried to clarify her intentions, saying “monogamy must be practiced.” She says there’s a benefit of being with one person, calling it “god’s design for our life.”

Speaking with the Neighborhood Talk recently, she doubled down, saying, “You can’t be sleeping with everybody man & mad when they sleep with yours.” She goes on to say people “cheat, manipulate, take advantage of” a person. “When it’s your turn to be in a relationship, you want everyone to be honest with you. Life waters its situations When you have a bad experience, and you make up your mind. I been done dirty imma do everybody else dirty.” The ladies of Cocktail with Queens agreed with her, while Vivica specifically wondered why the post was made in the first place and if it was indicative of something new going on at home. “Where does that come from for her to make that kind of statement. Why now did that come out? Do we always have to take it to social media?” asked Fox.

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