Erica Campbell Says She Doesn’t Know Every Scripture and Sometimes Have To Use Google To Find Them

No Christian is perfect, nor is any public figure or singer. It may sound silly, but it is very easy for fans, especially those of acts in the Christian/gospel space, to assume these artists have a firmer grip on the Bible or religion. Truthfully, these are sometimes people with the loosest understanding of the word. It is through their imperfection that they are able to inspire others to be better since they, too, are trying their hardest every day. Erica Campbell is a staple in the inspirational music realm. She recently revealed that she too needs a little help when trying to source scriptures to help her through every day.

Erica Campbell is a mother, wife, author, and a Grammy-Award-winning Gospel artist on her own and with her sister Tina Campbell as Mary Mary. In a recent sit down with Joyce Meyers Ministries Youtube Channel, Campbell discusses a number of topics with the ladies on their Talk It Out Podcast.

Titled “No More Shackles with Erica Campbell,” Campbell kicks off the clip reciting the words of Mary Mary’s hit record “Shackles” and talking about how they have so significantly impacted her life. “Writing that song, I did not know that I would have to live out that song,” she told the ladies. She then recited the song’s first verse, which featured such poignant lyrics like “in the corners of my mind I just can’t seem to find, a reason to believe that I could break free.” The ladies spend a good portion of the interview dissecting the song, saying, “like our lives, the story behind this anthem is full of ups and downs, and the message is still deeply applicable today.”

Hosts Ginger, Jai, and Erin then shift the focus to the importance of knowing “the word” and how it can enable you to triumph through whatever you are suffering from. Campbell recalls a time when she was not standing on her “promise” but instead operating from a place of pain. In those moments, Campbell says she refers to the Bible and often relies on Google to help her find scriptures relating to whatever struggle she is battling at that moment so that she can find the courage to power through.

“You gotta know what the word says about your situation. I’d love to say I know all the scriptures and where they’re all found, and what they all mean. I don’t. So sometimes Google will help me. And a scripture will come, and I’ll go ‘gosh that’s what I needed, God I thank you.'”

She also quotes Fred Hammond’s “No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper,” singing, “God will do what he said he will do/ He will stand by his word, he will come through.” To which one of the co-hosts asks, “what if you feel like it DID prosper?”

Campbell responded, “Do we as believers think we are not supposed to go through? The Bible is full of everybody going through. And God bringing them out.” She goes on to say that accountability and faith are crucial in these situations and that you have to ask yourself, “what did you do to deserve this?” even when you feel like you are absent of fault.

In the past, Campbell has gone on record stating that she does not believe all Christians are conservative. She has also mentioned that she does not believe the president needs to be Christian to be a good president. She believes that being Christian does not mean someone can run the country and that being the president is about being educated and aware in so many other important ways.

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