Eve Confesses Her Love For Black Men Despite Relationship With Maximillon Cooper In Resurfaced Interview

Apparently, if you are a Black person and choose to date someone outside of your race, the “rules” state that you are deemed a sell-out. But hopefully, in 2022, that narrative has seen its end or at least began to shift. Rapper, actress, and television personality Eve is no stranger to criticisms due to her choice in dating and marrying a white man, Maximillion Cooper. Although she’s very much in love with her husband, the chart-topping rapper expressed that her love for Black men has never died.

Eve found love in 2010 with her now-husband, whom she met at a Gumball 300 rally. Fast forward to 2014, and the Philadelphia-born Eve Jeffers became Mrs. Maximillion Cooper with a lavish ceremony in Ibiza, Spain.  But even though the “Let Me Blow Your Mind” rapper found love and happiness, she found hate in the form of trolling from outside sources. Eve has been vocal about her experiences with social media users who spent their time being critical of their relationship, even before marriage.

“I need them to stop,” the rapper declared during a 2012 interview with Angie Martinez. “What year is it? Like, stop. Seriously.” Eve assured Martinez that her relationship with Cooper was very new in many ways for both of them. “Trust me, I got to say it. For me, it’s weird that I’m with a white dude,” the Grammy Award-winning artist added. Eve stated that she would frequently look at her then-boyfriend and realize just how “white” he was. But Cooper also felt the differences in his own experience with her, seeing as though she was also the first Black woman he ever dated. “We are learning,” she added.

Eventually, she told her mother and step-father once things began to heat up and get more serious between Eve and Maximillion Cooper. The rapper shared within the interview that her father kept referring to him as her “friend,” knowing that the two were romantically involved. During their three years of courtship at the time, Eve also detailed instances where the two experienced the holidays with each other’s families, including experiencing their respective cultures with food.

“I had to get used to parsnips and turnips, and that’s fine,” Eve recalled. The relationship proved to be quite the learning experience for the both of them, indeed. However, there are some areas where Eve stated she won’t bend. “I don’t let him dance,” the Queens actress hilariously expressed to Angie Martinez, insisting that it’s definitely not happening.  

Eve also shared that Cooper was well aware of the “Pitbull-in-a-Skirt” side of her but thinks that it’s “cute.” However, viewing her that way “annoys” her because she was known to be “hard.” But although her family was pretty accepting of her new relationship that happened to be an interracial one, it appeared that many fans weren’t too approving. According to the Soul Train Music Award winner, there were occurrences where folks would approach her and blatantly state their disbelief that she was dating outside of her race. In addition, Eve claimed that people outright assumed to her, “You don’t like Black dudes!”

Well, as per the Philadelphia native, that is not the case. Eve assured the listening audience that her love for Black men remains solid and intact. However, “It just so happens that my heart went this way,” she said. “I’m happy.” It’s always been universally said that the good outweighs the bad. In Eve and her husband Maximillion Cooper’s case, things worked out in their favor. Over time, it appears their love swayed the mindset of most of the general public. Eve shared with the website Metro.co.uk that “mostly 99.9% positive because of us being so confident in loving each other and who we are.”

Eve has also previously touched on the “difficult and uncomfortable conversations” that come along with an interracial relationship when she served as a co-host on CBS’s The Talk, especially when it comes to race. Although admittedly touchy at times, the rapper explained that there is beauty in those moments as they can both begin to view life through one anothers eyes.

Nearly a decade after becoming married and being candid about struggles with pregnancy, Eve and Maximillion happily announced the birth of their first child together. Wilde Wolf Fife Alexander Somers Cooper was born on February 1, 2022, according to a post on the 43-year-old’s Instagram page.

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