Everything We Know About TJ Holmes & Amy Robach Marriages Following Their Secret Romance Reveal – Update

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach are usually in charge of reporting the news, but today they ARE the headlines. The Good Morning America co-anchors have an undeniable on-screen chemistry that might have actually spilled over into their real lives. The pair are in the news today after being spotted looking too friendly off camera.

Tj Holmes is a married man. He has been with his wife, Marilee Fiebig, since 2010. Fiebig is an attorney and shares one child with Holmes, a baby girl named Sabine. Holmes has two children from a previous marriage, Brianna and Jaiden, with his first wife, Amy Ferson, whom he left in 2007. In 2014 he professed his love for Fiebig on their four-year wedding anniversary with a letter he penned for TheRoot.com.

He confessed to his marriage making him “uncomfortable” because of how well it was working. Holmes said he could not fully understand what he was doing right and feared he could mess it all up. Eventually, he settled into the joys of marriage and put those concerns behind him. Amy Robach is also married but appears to be estranged from her husband, Andrew Shue. The pair reportedly sold their New York City apartment ahead of today’s scandal, closing on the sale a week ago. Robach, like Holmes, has two children from a previous marriage as well. She was also raising her husband Andrews’s two children.

Sources are reporting that Amy and TJ’s connection turned romantic in June and that they are both separated from their partners. They were spotted holding hands and getting cozy in a car while visiting upstate New York. People Magazine states that their colleagues are shocked and had no idea the two had begun dating. Insiders say that rumors of them dating stem back over a year but that Amy and TJ claimed to be happily married and just friends. They have both shut down their Instagram accounts to avoid negative comments.

Robach and Holmes became co-anchors in 2014. At the time, Amy stated that they had been trying to work together for about five years before that, and the chemistry was natural and organic. They reportedly would double date frequently, and their children are close.

Update: It’s been nearly one week since the news broke. Initially, ABC executives decided neither individual would be held accountable since they’re both consenting adults. The next day both, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes appeared on air. However it now appears ABC has decided to remove the two co-hosts from GMA3 citing the relationship become an external and internal distraction at the network. With that being said, President Kim Godwin has decided to remove both individuals from GMA while the network ‘figures it out’.

Monday’s episode of GMA3 was hosted by Gio Benitez and Stephanie Ramos.

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