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Faith Evans Claims Her & Stevie J Becoming A Couple Was Only The Work Of God

Steve J and Faith Evans are unfortunately heading for a split according to recent headlines. The pair seemed to be a match made in musical heaven. They had spent years as friends and finally fell in love at a time in life where they could finally see each other as more that just homies. It seemed like a natural transition that was working out really well for the two. Sadly, accusations of cheating have surfaced, and the two are now said to be heading their separate ways. What went wrong?

In a flashback video, Faith Evans and Stevie J discussed their journey from friends to lovers with TV One. In a clip titled, “Faith Evans Never Saw Stevie J Romantically — Until This Happened”, Faith details the moment when she realized Stevie J could be the one she was looking for all this time.

“With over 20 years of friendship, the likelihood of Faith Evans and Stevie J becoming a couple was non-existent”, TV One captioned the clip. In it, Faith and Stevie detailed how shocked they were that things even turned romantic. For Faith, she had known Stevie even before he became a successful producer. She watched him struggle with baby mama issues and was a shoulder for him to lean on. Stevie says that he told Faith everything, so much so he’s shocked she’d even be wit him after seeing all the women he’d been with. Faith agreed saying she never thought of him in that way. Even at one point saying “oh my god i’m glad we just friends” when she’d see him with different women.

Things shifted when she was working on her duet album with late husband Notorious B.I.G. As the producer behind a lot of those records, Stevie became Faith’s go to person as she repurposed some of Biggie’s songs into duets. She reveals that during those sessions it was the first time they flirted. Faith says it took her minute to agree to even go on a date with him. Stevie J put in the work and according to Faith, pleaded with mutual friends to convince Faith to give him a chance. Stevie felt that after years of knowing all his dirt and not judging him that Faith was the one.

Faith says she came around, but Stevie was not fully ready. So she kicked him to the curb, something Stevie said motivated him to get his life together so that he could be with her. Marriage changed things for them. They blended their families and Stevie came on board to help Faith raise her autistic son. This brought them even closer and according to Faith, made their relationship more serious because now it was not just about them, the kids were involved. Faith revealed that the ways in which he’s supported her and her son were true determining factors for her to take him serious as a life partner.

Sadly, this seems to have not been enough as Faith and Stevie were recently seen in a video arguing over infidelity. Stevie accused Faith of cheating on him in their shared home. Faith can be seen telling him she hates him with Stevie taunting her and hurling insults.

John Davidson
John Davidson
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