Patrick Clark’s Family Launches GoFundMe Campaign To Help With Legal Fees

The case of TakeOff took a new turn last week following Patrick Xavier Clark being taken into custody in connection to his passing. As people still mourn the rapper, they are beginning to turn their attention towards Patrick Clark and what he was doing that evening that led to the altercation. Patrick Xavier Clark was found nearly a month later prepping to flee the country. Now it looks like his family is raising money to help him with legal fees.

Patrick Xavier Clark GoFundMe Campaign

Patrick Xavier Clark was captured in Houston. He reportedly had a large amount of cash on his person and had already purchased a ticket to Mexico. He allegedly had plans to flee the country and had a passport being expedited so he could get away. Also known as DJ Pat, he is listed by many news outlets as a businessman and reportedly was an established entertainer around the city of Houston. He ran parties, rapped, and owned a strip club as well. His social media activity was reportedly pretty consistent since the night of the incident, not on par with someone on the run. His profile is now private and has a GoFundMe link in the caption.

The fundraiser, titled “Patrick Xavier Clark fight for justice!” has a picture of Clark smiling in a suit and features a pin that reads “innocent” with another caption saying, “a businessman, not the murderer of TakeOff.” In the description, it reads, “My brother, Patrick ‘DJ PAT’ Clark, has begun his fight for justice, and we will need assistance proving his innocence. As a family, we are asking all of his supporters, colleagues, and friends to help us fight for innocence during these difficult times! Please continue to keep Pat and all other families involved in this case in your prayers. God bless!” The fundraiser is asking for $2 million dollars to aid Mr. Clark and has already raised 900. The top donation was 300 from someone named Treasure Sharp.

Houston PD were hard at work trying to track down the person responsible, and several sources pointed to either J Prince Jr. or a member of Quavo’s entourage named Willie Bland. Despite all of the people online trying to help them, they admit that many of the 34 witnesses present that night refused to speak to the police. Quavo was arguing with a man named Mike Prince when the fight broke out, it is unclear if he is related to J Prince. Bland is confirmed to use a weapon as well, but authorities say that Patrick was identified as the person responsible for the passing of TakeOff.

Understanding that some people are questioning the validity of Patrick Clark’s arrest, HPD revealed even more evidence linking him to the incident. They tracked down a bottle of wine he was holding in video footage and matched his fingerprints to it. He allegedly ran off with bottle to The House of Blues and left it there. They also had phone calls and surveillance footage further linking him to the scene. Patrick is maintaining his innocence however, and has even asked for help hiring a private investigator.

While some have managed to track down footage of Clark at the bowling alley that evening, they do not have any clips of him in action. Many still maintain that J Prince is somehow involved in all of this and point to him requesting his name be removed from court documents as a sign of guilt.

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