Fans Are Calling For Whoopi Goldberg To Resign From The View Over Double Standards

Actress and television host Whoopi Goldberg was suspended this month from The View after saying some controversial things. Goldberg has been on the program for quite some time, and this is the first instance that her opinion has gotten her in the hot seat in such a big way. Many think that ABC is playing favorites and that some double standards may be at play because former The View co-host Meghan McCain has said some pretty wild things in the past and never got this kind of punishment. Is this a case of the network being unfair to a black woman? 

Whoopi Goldberg was accused by some as being “hateful” after stating on The View that the Holocaust was not about race. Goldberg felt it was more about man’s inhumanity towards other men. She argued that Jews are not a minority and that they involved two groups of white people.  Later that same day, she stopped by the Colbert Show to explain that her understanding on race and racism is based on her experience as an American and woman of color. For her, race issues are directly related to skin tone. Because of this understanding, she does not see how the Holocaust can be about race since Jewish people did not have distinguishing features to identify them.  The following day on The View, she apologized and tried to clean up her statement. She realized that she was wrong and that the event was indeed about race because Hitler viewed Jewish people as inferior. 

ABC decided to suspend her for two weeks from the view, citing that her comments spread misinformation. The heads over at ABC said the two weeks were important so that Whoopi had time to reflect on what she said. It’s reported that the two weeks off will cost Goldberg $192,000.  Fans of Goldberg took to social media to defend her and point out that in the past, other co-hosts have said outlandish things without this kind of penalty. Many are calling for Whoopi Goldberg to not return at all.  One person tweeted, “Dear Whoopi; Resign from The View.

It is true that during her time on The View, Megan McCain offended a lot of people. Last year she criticized the COVID-19 rollout. She seemed to imply that due to her name and position, she should be able to get her vaccine right away. Many took issue with this and said Megan McCain sounded entitled and insensitive to more at-risk people. 

In 2019 she discussed how she frequently was the center of controversy during her time on the show and defended herself and her opinions, saying she represented 50% of the country and deserved to have a voice. Not only was Megan McCain never suspended, but she is one of the few women to walk away from The View on their own and not be fired. 

Some feel that Whoopi Goldberg’s treatment is unfair considering how many chances Megan McCain got and are demanding that Goldberg not return when her suspension is up. “I hope you resign … I never remember them sitting Meg out for all the insane things she said. For you to be suspended at the start of black history month is extremely problematic @ABC.. since Whoppi is on break than so am I. #BoycottTheView #goodapology

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