Fans Believe Porsha Williams Career Is Over After Porsha Family Matters

We all know the age-old saying: All that glitters is not gold. According to fans, perhaps Porsha Williams might want to take a bit of advice. The overall consensus is out now that her show, Porsha’s Family Matters, has completed its first season. It appears that fans are not here for it, or her!

Porsha Williams was granted a spinoff show after her stint on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is also on the heels of the news that Williams was a newly engaged woman. However, this news had its fair share of scandal. Porsha Williams’s fiancee was announced to be Simon Guobadia, who was most recently married to fellow RHOA star Falynn Guobadia.  

Porsha’s engagement to Simon was sudden for many, given the circumstances. For starters, Williams was fresh off of a relationship with Dennis McKinley, with whom she shares daughter Pilar McKinley. And as for Simon Guobadia, he was married to his ex-wife for 5 years before Falynn announced they split. However, Guobadia’s engagement to Porsha occurred within a month of his split. 

As fans swiftly offered their thoughts on Porsha’s various situations, Bravo hopped on the opportunity to provide the reality star her spinoff show. The Cut describes Porsha’s Family Matters as a “flagrant attempt at repairing Porsha’s image but isn’t all that effective as damage control. 

Viewers of Porsha’s Family Matters witnessed multiple fights and altercations on the show. According to many fans, the “family” aspect of the show was more dysfunctional than anything. And as for Porsha? Fans feel they have now seen the authentic version of the reality star.  Things got so out of control that one of Porsha’s cousins took to social media to speak on the “disrespect” that was occurring. A woman named Terrica claims she was glad she did not accept the invitation to be a part of the show as she did not “agree with a lot that’s being portrayed.” “…I declined simply [because] I knew initially they wanted to create a fake “narrative” that Porsha has a “village” that agree to all her BS & she doesn’t,” wrote Terrica.  

Regarding her cousin’s current relationship with Simon Guobadia, Terrica wrote that she “does not agree” with them. “I don’t agree with messing around better yet being engaged to a married man, which I told her my thoughts,” said Terrica. As per Terrica, Porsha responded with a few choice words along with a seemingly sarcastic “Be blessed.”

Now that the show is over, fans seemingly agree with the sentiments of Porsha’s family. Seeing the treatment that her ex-fiance Dennis McKinley faces from her, some have commented that she is coming off as a “bitter baby mama.” Others look at her behavior towards other family members and label Porsha as “manipulative” and “fortune hungry.”  

One Twitter user shared that they were once a fan of Porsha’s, but the show has since changed their view of the reality star. “Welp, since the finale just wrapped.. I came into this show a Porsha fan & now I think she’s pretty psychotic & doesn’t take accountability for anything. It was entertaining TV, but this was pretty bad for her,” they commented.

Fans even shed light on the various “lies” that Porsha has seemingly been caught in, which even caused producers to break the fourth wall at times. Because of this, many are recalling the massive blowout that occurred between Porsha, Phaedra Parks, and Kandi Burruss in season 9, among other dramatic episodes. “After watching this show, whatever Porsha says she didn’t do… she did that. This also applies retroactively,” comments one user.

It should be noted that Porsha Williams has not been promoting her solo show as of late. However, it appears that she is well aware of the widespread backlash she’s been receiving due to the show. An apparent former fan tweeted their version of a eulogy for Porsha’s career along with a gif of a grave being closed.  

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to say goodbye to Porsha’s career,” wrote the Twitter user. “She will be remembered as the #RHOA Housewife who made a fool of her self when given an opportunity that could’ve went to another deserving housewife! She will not be missed.” Seeing this dramatic depiction, Porsha retweeted the comment along with a response.

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