Fans Have Bombarded Chris Tucker’s Social Media For Months Asking About Rush Hour 4, We Finally Have An Answer

While many fans are eager for him to confirm his return to the wonderful world of Friday, Chris Tucker may be revisiting Rush Hour 4 very soon. The Jackie Chan buddy comedy Rush Hour helped take Tucker from a scene-stealing co-star to a bonafide action/comedy star. The billion-dollar blockbuster made him a ton of money over its three installments, and fans are dying to know when they’ll get their hands on the fourth film. 

Back in 2017, Jackie Chan confirmed to fans that he had signed off on a screenplay for Rush Hour 4. Chris Tucker followed suit in 2018, leaving fans wondering when the movie would go into production. When questioned about it in 2019, Tucker revealed that they were in some editing stages with the script, but everyone was still on board. “We’re working on a few things on the script right now. Jackie Chan wants to do it; I want to do it, the studio wants to do it, so we’re trying to get it together.”

Obviously, the following year would be the start of the global pandemic, shutting down production across the world. It is unclear if the film was scheduled to be shot at any point that year, but now as we near the end of 2022, fans are demanding an update from Chris Tucker. On his Instagram, fans have been leaving comments under all his posts demanding information on the movie. Under a photo of Chris Rock posing with Charles Barkley, fans jumped in the comments asking, “Rush Hour 5?” followed by “When does rush hour 4 come out” and “we need a Rush Hour 4.”

In another video of his celebrating a rainbow while blasting Biggie’s “One More Chance,” fans only cared about one thing. “Still waiting on Rush Hour 4,” said one. Another chimed in with, “Just watched Rush Hour 2 last night. You and Jackie’s stage chemistry is unmatched,” said another. It looks like fans won’t have to wait much longer. Jackie Chan recently revealed Rush Hour 4 is in the works while speaking at the Red Sea Film Festival. While speaking to the audience, Chan stated him and his team were planning to meet with the film director that evening to discuss script.

There’s not many details regarding the release date, but fans can expect the fourth installment soon.

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