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Fans Celebrate Wendy Williams Following News Of Show Cancellation

It’s been a long hard road for fans of Daytime talk show icon Wendy Williams. Her latest season has taken place completely without her while she’s out struggling with health issues. To make matters worst, it’s being reported today that the show might have to actually move on without her completely. Sherri Shepherd has been brought on full-time to take over Wendy’s time slot as The Wendy Williams Show will be officially canceled in June

Wendy Williams was last seen on her famous purple chair last summer. In the time since, a combination of Coronavirus and Graves disease seemed to knock her completely off the radar sans for some paparazzi shots here and there. Williams was reportedly off recovering from sickness that was allegedly made worst due to her still grappling with her recent divorce and the passing of her mother.

Under such devastating circumstances, it made sense that her most recent season was postponed till the middle of the fall. When it finally returned, it was without Wendy. Instead, a string of guest judges filled in, from Michelle Visage and Leah Remini to Fat Joe and Remy Ma. Terrence J and several others popped in, but it was undoubtedly Sherri Shepherd who stood out. Thanks to her time on The View, Shepherd seemed the most equipped for this type of daytime talk show and had a bit of a built-in audience herself that she brought to the table. 

Wendy has created a separate social media account called The Real Wendy Williams Online, where she posted a clip of her on the beach checking in with fans and celebrating her father’s birthday. While she did not confirm if she’d be coming back, it does seem odd that she did not post from the official Wendy Show account, making the news seem more real.

Fans in the comments seem to still be missing her though, with one commenting, “You look beautiful, Love this for you 😍but please come back to your purple throne #youaremissed 🙏🏽.” Another fan said, “We miss you so much, Wendy; my life has been in ruins since I haven’t had my daily dose of hot topics 😩.”

Fans on Twitter uplifted Wendy today following reports that she will not be returning to her show. “Y’all may think of her as just a meme queen, but I really watched every episode of the Wendy Williams show like every day for years. “Wendy literally makes me laugh, and she gives me such joy to watch, so these rumours are kinda devastating to hear. I followed her and her journey,” said one fan. “Despite all her controversies over the years, Wendy Williams is a legend and deserves her flowers,” said another. 

Most fans are sharing some of their favorite Wendy moments. One person posted, “Wendy Williams was a societal terrorist, and I miss her every single day,” featuring a video of the times she insinuated Kanye West was gay. In the hilarious compilation, she frequently made faces and accentuated words like “special friend” when discussing some of his buddies in fashion, mainly Richardo Tucci. Others shared videos of the many times Wendy dramatically cried on the show while emphasizing how much they’re going to miss her antics on television. 

Arguably one of Wendy’s most famous moments was her interacting with Apprentice alumni Omarosa during her string of test episodes back in 2008. In it, she and Omarosa shared some snarky comments back and forth. Omarosa accused Williams of getting a nose job, to which Williams fired back recommending O get some cosmic work done for the bags under her eyes. The exchange ended with Williams reminding Omarosa that she was on Wendy’s Show and cutting to a commercial to the audiences delight.

Williams credits this moment as one of the major selling points for the show. It was a great way to connect her television persona to her radio one, which was historically more unfiltered. Williams has had some iconic radio exchanges with the likes of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Some fans recall these and suggested that if Williams is not continuing on TV, then maybe it’s time for her to return to the audio-only realm. One fan said, “If Wendy is going off the air, I’ll say this… I hope her health is together or that she gets better. I don’t think she cares about the show that much anyway. Because now that they’re handing out 100M dollar podcast deals… who’d be better than an unfiltered Wendy Williams?!” Are you sad to see Wendy go? Would you follow her back to radio or a different show? 

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