Fans Confused After LNHH’s Yandy Smith Reveals New Man After 12 Years With Husband Mendeecees

Fans are confused about reality star Yandy Smith this week after a video with a new man surfaced.

The Love and Hip-Hop alumni has been a happily married woman for much of her time in the spotlight, but it appears a new man has entered her life and is eager to reveal their relationship to the world. Yandy and Mendeecee have been together for many years, but after this latest video fans are trying to figure out if they’re done or if it’s just promo.

Yandy Smith wears many hats. She is an American actress, film producer, reality TV star, social media influencer, businesswoman, celebrity manager, and entrepreneur from Harlem, New York.

Yandy got her start as an intern for Violator Management, where she worked under Mona Scott while helping navigate the careers of several music heavyweights, including Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, N.O.R.E., Q-Tip, Missy Elliott, Fantasia, Mýa, and many many more.

Yandy would eventually manage Jim Jones full-time and was responsible for helping pitch Love and Hip-Hop to VH1 after a failed reality show pilot based around Jim Jones did not excite the network. Retooling it to include his girlfriend Chrissy and her friends ended up being the recipe for success.

Yandy’s journey has included a love story with partner Mendeecees Harris. Their television success is rooted in their trials and tribulations as they fought to build a family and become a solid couple.

This included a lot of ups and down, like Mendeecees’ four-year prison sentence in connection to multiple drug and trafficking charges. The show would follow Yandy’s struggle to cope with him being away and trying to find peace with his baby’s mother.

The duo would eventually be reunited, and the show followed them as they got engaged, married, and welcomed their first child together. Their wedding was given its own special on VH1. It seemed like happily ever after was in the cards.

Outside of reality television, Yandy has been fighting for equality in the struggle against police brutality and systemic racism. In 2020, she joined Porsha Williams in Louisville, KY, for a protest in honor of Breonna Taylor.

The women were on the front lines lending their celebrity to the cause. “We were sitting right next to each other with locked arms,” she told Page Six. “And we were both so afraid, but so empowered and feeling courageous.” She was eventually arrested and spoke out about the unsafe conditions they were detained in.

Well, the latest news surrounding Smith is sure to distract people from the important work she is doing in the world. Recently a video was posted online with Yandy appearing to look sad as she was attempting to reveal an update on her life.

In the background you can hear an unidentified man appearing to prompt her on what to say, and blowing smoke at the camera. The video made fans very concerned with many questioning Yandy’s safety. One fan stated, “It’s giving “HELP ME!” I see fear in her eyes.”

Another fan shared, “Something about this doesn’t seem authentic. Yandy is too intelligent for such arrogance. I believe she and her husband could be getting black balled.” Another fan believed it was a stunt claiming you can’t believe everything from Love & Hip Hop.

The video was also published on Yandy’s Instagram account. However, this video was in full frame, which identified the identity of the male in the video.

The man in the video is actor/model Jeff Logan, so it is possible they are acting together for something scripted. If so, what a brilliant way to drum up hype for the project. In the caption, she said, “It’s going to come out on the show anyway…so don’t say I didn’t tell you first.

Please don’t judge me… I’m human.” She included the hashtag “don’t tell Mendeecees.” While some fans assume she is alluding to an affair, Yandy does not mention what show specifically she is talking about, and the misdirect seems to be intentional.

Do you think Yandy has moved on, or is it a promotional stunt?

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