Fans Of Cynthia Bailey Have Already Decided Who The Reality Star Should Marry Next

Real Housewives star Cynthia Bailey is back on the market. The reality television star thought she’d found her happily ever after with sports broadcaster Mike Hill. Despite a very promising union, the duo revealed a day after their second year anniversary that they would be going their separate ways. While some fans are shocked, others think it’s a blessing in disguise for Bailey. Many believe her true soulmate has always been baby father, Leon.

Cynthia gushed about Mike Hill after admitting to initially not being super interested in him. However, they eventually hit it off, and she said that he was the “male version” of her. The pair fell in love quickly and married even quicker, with Cynthia was so convinced she had found the one she swore if she and Mike did not work she probably would be single for the rest of her life. Following their marriage, Cynthia opted out of returning to the franchise in hopes to protect her marriage. The producers attempted to keep Cynthia as a ‘friend of the show’ but the reality start decided to cut ties completely.

Unfortunately, she might have to eat those words now that they are no longer together. Mike and Cynthia were honest about hitting a rough patch heading into their one year anniversary. Mike has also been candid about cheating on his exes, and it is unclear if this led to the split in any way. He was photographed a day before their announcement being a “human stripper pole” for a woman at a social event.

Cynthia Bailey was initially introduced to the Real Housewives world alongside previous husband Peter Thomas. The two were together from 2010-2017 and their wedding was covered by the show. They originally met on a flight to Miami in 1992 and spent years dating and getting to know each other before she relocated to Atlanta to be with him and his daughter Noelle Robinson. Peter is a restauranteur who quickly became a fan favorite on the show because of his clap backs and no-nonsense attitude regarding some of the girl’s bickering.

The couple would often discuss issues relating to their finances and infidelity. Around 2016 they decided to go their separate ways, much to fans’ dismay. She would eventually sue him in 2020 for $170k from an unpaid loan in connection to one of their businesses. During an appearance on the Wendy Williams show, Cynthia Bailey discussed the lawsuit explaining she had a three-year agreement with her ex-husband over a piece of property in Atlanta. According to the reality star, Peter was in breach of the agreement which led to her taking him to court.

Despite Cynthia’s previous marriages to both Peter Thomas and Mike Hill, for many fans, it’s Cynthia’s connection to actor Leon that is the most enduring. Leon is a heartthrob of the ’80s and ’90s whose legacy has grown over the years. Women still fawn over him, and his films are all regarded as cult classics. The pair share a child together and Leon would appear on RHOA here and there when Cynthia was a cast member.

Although it’s been many years since Leon and Cynthia were an item, fans remain hopeful they will rekindle their relationship one day. Amongst the comments on her page of people wishing her well or asking what happened with Mike, many fans just want to see her and Leon get back together. The two seem to do an excellent job co-parenting, and Cynthia has likened him more to a sibling than an old flame in recent years and interviews.

“Cynthia really made them ppl go to her Covid wedding just to get divorced two years later, child,” lamented one fan. “Marriage isn’t working out for Cynthia Bailey because her soul mate is Leon. Ima just leave that there,” said another. Another person made it clear that they think Leon is the superior choice saying, “Cynthia Bailey, at this point, just needs to get back with her fine-ass baby daddy Leon.”

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