Fans Of R. Kelly Believe His Ex-Wife Drea Kelly Should Be Doing Time With The Disgraced Singer

R. Kelly is finally paying for the years of mistreatment of young female fans he connected with over his decades-long year. The R&B legend has taken the fall completely alone, despite very public evidence that he had several staff members and friends helping him run a complex ring to move girls around the country and hold them captivated. One of the many people accused of making it easy for R. Kelly to operate in plain sight is his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

Andrea was a struggling dancer when she got recruited to tour with R. Kelly in the ’90s. She was 19 years old when they met and began dating. She was upgraded to a principal dancer, and by 22, they were married. Andrea had three children with Robert; Jaah Kelly, Joanne Kelly, and Robert Kelly Jr. Drea enjoyed a life of luxury and lavish, working only when she wanted to and appearing in videos for her husband’s music while raising the kids.

Behind the scene, Drea claims things were not what they seemed. She was subject to the same acts that her husband put dozens of other women through. Drea believes she too, was groomed by Kelly, having met him so young. While they were married, she claims she never felt like a wife and was more of a possession. She did what he wanted when he wanted and was subject to the same acts as others.

They separated in 2005 and she filed for divorce in 2006. Drea and Robert’s divorce was not finalized until 2009. She had a restraining order against him and claimed she was scared for her life, not thinking anyone would believe her about her experience with the disgraced singer. Unfortunately for fans, it has been quite the opposite, and they actually believe Drea was a willing participant and helped her husband groom other women. Despite the rumors, Drea still emerged as one of the main voices in the fight against her ex-husband when people began coming forward with allegations.

Folks online think that Drea should be behind bars with Robert, who has already been sentenced to 30 years in connection to his charges in New York state, which included racketeering and trafficking. Fans took to Twitter to question this saying, “I don’t know why DREA Kelly is not in jail with Rkelly when the victims were saying she also participated with him.” Another said “Why tf they ain’t lock Drea Kelly up too I’m tired of seeing it.”

Recently Drea Kelly took part in the 7th Annual Masquerade Gala Fundraiser for Domestic Violence Awareness. While promoting the event, many Twitter users called out R. Kelly’s ex-wife for her participation in his indiscretions. Some fans pointed out victim testimonies where they recalled Drea being involved in threesomes with them. “As the mute R. kelly tour went on with this woman, Drea Kelly failed to mention that she was involved in the acts with many women including Lisa Van Allen, And Rashonda Landfair. These women took the stand in Chicago and admitted to 3sums with her.”

Despite the public’s plea to have Drea Kelly held accountable, the fundraiser went on without a hitch. Do you believe Drea should also be serving time with her ex-husband?

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