Fans React To Cam Newton Claiming Future Has Value

Future gets a notoriously bad rep when it comes to women. While he’s loved on the charts and on the radio; on the blogs and gossip sites he’s public enemy number one. He does not do himself any favors either; he openly admits to being toxic, says some pretty foul things about his exes, and lives the typical rockstar lifestyle of running wild and being with a lot of women. Cam Newton recently came to his defense, stating that maybe women like Ciara did not see the value in Future.

The story of Future and Ciara is like something directly out of a Tyler Perry movie. The established R&B star and the rookie rapper became an item back in 2013. At the time, Future said of his then-girlfriend that she makes him happy and he makes her smile. They became instant red carpet magnets and collaborated on her hit record “Body Party.” They eventually got engaged on Cici’s 28th birthday, and by 2014 Ciara confirmed on The View that she was pregnant with her first child Future Zahir Wilburn.

Unfortunately, things would sour before they could wed, with rumors that Future was cheating on Ciara. Future maintains this was never true and that he actually called the wedding off but stuck around because he felt sorry for Ciara. The two seem to have been on bad terms ever since, with a pretty non-existent co-parenting arrangement.
Ciara would eventually move on to football star Russell Wilson, and the pair have become couples’ goals. Wilson accepted Ciara and her son as his own and eventually went on to marry her and welcome two more children. The pair have elevated each other’s careers, with Wilson going on to become more of a figure outside of football and Ciara successfully transitioning into the worlds of branding ambassador, hosting, and modeling.

While discussing Future and Ciara’s past and the idea of The Wilsons being “goals,” social media personality and model Brittany Renner and NFL vet Can Newton discussed the double standard surrounding the whole situation. Brittany Renner felt that Future gets a pass for dating women half his age even though she got crucified for the six-year age gap between her and her baby father. Cam argued that Future is a “god around these parts” and that Renner should not disrespect him.

Brittany then says that Future did not value Ciara while dating her and possibly did not see the value in himself for treating her how he did publicly. Newton argues that what if Ciara did not see the value in Future. While he claims he is just playing devil’s advocate, Renner did change her tune and agreed with him. She then called Ciara and Russell’s union an illusion. She went on to say that despite how perfect people think it is, we have no idea what either of them sacrificed or agreed upon to make that relationship work.

Is it really possible that Ciara did not value Future? At writing, he is currently one of the most successful acts in music, with an estimated network of $40 million. His single “Mask Off” was certified seven times platinum and charted within the top 10 in several countries. He’s regarded as a pioneer of trap music, mumble rap, and fashion. Did Ciara overlook all of this when deciding to leave due to infidelity? Ciara reportedly has a net worth of $20 million, while her husband Russell Wilson is valued at over $135 million.

People in the comments struggled to see Newton’s point and did not see how it could be possible for Ciara to undervalue Future. “She did see the value in him that’s why she gave him a baby, but he played himself and her in the end,” said one person. “She left him and got what she deserved as she should have. So what value?” said another. Many argued that if Future’s only value is financial, then he cannot compete with Russell Wilson’s value.
Over on Twitter, fans were even more reckless, one saying, “Cam Newton cheated on the mother of his kids and got an IG model pregnant; f– off his NFL career, and he wants to ask whether Ciara valued Future as much as she should’ve??? Can he dig a hole and crawl into it, please.”

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