Fans Still Debating R&B Singer K. Michelle’s Face Years Later

R&B singer K. Michelle has seen her look change a lot over the years. Ever outspoken, Michelle has not shied away from discussing any work she has had done. The reality star is currently the host of a new Lifetime show, where she talks about her experience with risky procedures and helps others dealing with issues related to ‘bad’ work. While she keeps it real about her backside, fans seem to be more concerned with her face. A recent picture shared to her social media has people asking if this is the real K. Michelle or someone else?

In two pictures, K. Michelle poses for the camera with the caption “I’m the problem.” While some complimented the picture calling her gorgeous and “natural,” others felt that they had not seen this version of her face before. “She look different everytime I see her,” said one fan. “Fresh face or new face ?” asked another. This seems to be a constant with Michelle, who has been fielding rumors about her face for years. Last June, she shared a beauty shot of her sporting a pink wig and noticeably smoother and refined features. While some believed it to be a filter, others pointed out her more prominently displayed cheekbones and fuller top lip. “I’m so confused 😮where did k Michelle go ?” said one person under the picture. Another said “What haven’t you had redone 😳 one can truly not love their self if you are replacing every natural thing on your body with plastic or fillers. 😢”

While K initially took the comments in stride, she eventually got on a live to defend herself and her look. She asked fans “what’s wrong with ya’ll. I cant post, I cant do anything.” She accused fans of assuming she got work saying “Clearly this is me, i’ve been this color forever.” Michelle then claimed that between doing a TV show and being in the studio everyday she does not have time to get work done, pointing out that it is obviously make up and lighting making her look different. She goes on to use her experience with terrible procedures as a reason why she should be the last person people accuse of getting more work and tells fans they are bullying her. Michelle says she is trying to help others with bad work, so why would she get more procedures?

Michelle did admit to getting fillers in 2018. Sporting a slimmer nose, she said the fillers were an alternative to more evasive surgery. She called it one of her better options, saying they did not have to “break” her nose to achieve her desired look. In August she let fans know that she is done with the policing of her look and that if she appears different its because life is better.

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