Fantasia Tells Female Fans They’ll Never Find A Man Singing Her Songs ‘Bittersweet’ and ‘Free Yourself’

Fantasia has built a career off her ability to emote heartbreak and sadness through her incredible vocals. The American Idol winner has been singing about her struggles in love for years now, despite being very much happy in her current relationship. Tasia is looking to give other women hope and says if they are looking to fight “the one”, they might need to omit some of her biggest hits from their playlists.

During an interview with the ladies of The Real, she opened up about healing and how certain songs no longer speak to her life or happiness now. Adrienne asked her “through your career you’ve been through a lot and you’ve been so transparent about it. You actually said you used to sing in pain. So I have to ask what has helped you get out of the pain?”

Fantasia says she owes it all to growth. “I think growth. I think surrounding yourself around the right people. And of course there’s a new love in my life.” They ladies stop and applauded her while an image of her and husband Kendall Taylor. She continued “All those things were necessary for me. I had to go through that process, you know what I mean. We all have chapters in our lives and those are chapters that I will never forget and I’m not ashamed of but it brought me to the woman that I am.” Adrienne followed up asking “[so] you got a new love in your life, is that what you’re singing about now?”

Fantasia proclaimed “Love!” before telling a story about a fan wondering is she would no longer be singing her hits “Free Yourself” and “Bittersweet” now that she is happy. She recalled the fan asking her “We like to hear you sing ‘Free Yourself’ and ‘Bittersweet’. What are you doing to do now?” Fantasia asked the woman if she was in a relationship, to which the woman responded “No girl but i’m looking.” Fantasia responded “well if you keep singing ‘Free Yourself’ and ‘Bittersweet’ you’ll never find it!” She concluded her point saying that life and happiness are all about “energy”. “You have to put good things out there. You have to speak life. Say what you want!”

Fantasia and Kendall have been very vocal about their love for one another and often share things from their relationship that they feel have been helpful. They host a video series called “Taylor Talks” where they discuss love and forgiveness. They welcomed a baby not too long ago, Keziah Taylor.

Fans of Fantasia felt her comments on “Bittersweet” and “Free Yourself” were a little harsh since they are some of her biggest hits. “Not Fantasia thinking we’d prefer to be happy and in love over being able to sing the R&B classic “Free Yourself” for the rest of our lives.” Other fans in the comments said “Honestly I listen to music off what my vibes is at the time, I could be listening to heartbreak songs and still be in love with mines.”

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