Father Loses His Life After Attempting To Protect His Kid After Middle School Fight, Gets Attacked By Three Teenagers and Two Parents

A Maryland father lost his life after trying to defend his son. The brutal story has been making its rounds on the internet, with many shocked at the level of violence that was almost unleashed on his 14-year-old son and eventually him. The devastating incident has left a family fatherless and a community searching for answers. Christopher Michael Wright is the 43-year-old dad who died trying to defend his fiance’s son.

Reportedly three teenagers and two adults were looking for the boy following a fight that he had gotten into with another teen at the Brooklyn Park Middle School. According to WBAL-TV, Wright confronted the group of people after they came to his home looking for the boy. When he informed them that the kid would not be coming outside to fight, then told Wright that he would have to fight in the child’s place.

The boy’s mother, Tracy Karopchinsky, saw the whole thing and said Wright stepped outside to defend their son. Christopher was then brutally beaten and taken to a nearby hospital, where he passed from a brain injury. Tracy confirms that the damage done to Christopher was far worst than what mere punches could do. The man began to seize before the ambulance arrived. The whole thing was caught on nearby security footage.

Tracy says that their 12-year-old son ran outside to try and help his father. The boy’s screams can be heard on the security footage. Tracy says that the parents need to take responsibility for the type of violence they are passing on to their kids. “It is everywhere, and somewhere, we as parents are failing these children as parents. It’s not the school’s responsibility. It’s our responsibility.” No arrests have currently been made.

Across the several reports currently available, no information has been released on the attackers. However, Tracy has shared several images of Christopher and their family. In several of them, the smiling dad can be seen with their three boys. Tracy says he enjoyed the stars and gardening. A candlelit vigil has been planned in his memory. “He was my best friend and a devoted father,” Tracy says.

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